UFO Challenge 2011

UFO Challenge 2011

How many of you have heard the term “UFO” before? (Any quilters in the house?) Raise your hands…. a few. Well, for those of you who haven’t heard it before, UFO stands for Un-Finished Object. It’s those projects that have been laying around half finished for waaaaaay too long. You know the kind, the ones you had great hopes for but just haven’t carved out the time to finish?
This year I want to finish some. I’m not talking just about quilts, although I have a few of those, I’m talking home and garden projects, too! I definitely have a list of projects that are haunting me, if you know what I mean.

Well, a great quilter, Judy at Patchwork Times is running a Quilter’s UFO Challenge. You list twelve UFO’s, each month she picks a number, and you finish that number on your list. Great, right?

I want to do that for my home and garden projects, too!

So here’s my lists. One for home, one for garden and one for quilts.

These aren’t new projects or projects I’ve been dreaming about. These are projects I already bought/started/tried and haven’t finished. YOU know the ones. They’re also projects that I think I could get done in a month given all the other stuff on my plate.

I’m going to just follow the same rules, same number same deal. The only exception is that some of the garden projects are season-specific, so I reserve the right to swap those so that I’m not, say, moving blueberry bushes in June. You get what I’m saying.

This is the quick and dirty list, I’ll follow up with individual posts that have more detail. For now, I’m jumping in with both feet!!!

UFO Challenge 2011 - Home

  1. Bedding for the master bedroom. I have the fabric, I have the supplies, I just need to GET IT DONE.
  2. Bedding for baby girl’s room. Same deal. Fabric and supplies ready to go.
  3. Bedding for big boy’s room. Ditto, ditto and ditto.
  4. Paint the dining room hutch/cabinet/thingy. It’s supposed to be white. It’s partially white. It needs to be all the way white (and distressed).
  5. Convert the cabinet in the bedroom into a glassed bookcase. I think that’s self-explanatory.
  6. Fix up baby girl’s nightstands. Hinky cabinets from the roadside need new legs, tops and paint.
  7. Refinish the dining-room table. Fifteen years is too long to wait. Really.
  8. Paint the master bedroom. It’s SO DRAB in there! Paint is in the garage, and has been for YEARS!
  9. Fix up the little red cabinet in my studio. I feel like a broken record here, but yes, it’s been waiting for years.
  10. Refinish the master bed. No, I still don’t know exactly what I’m going to do to it. But something must be done. ANYTHING.
  11. Rebuild the kitchen wall. Lumber on hand and ready. I’ll explain more later!
  12. The bathroom. Oh, the bathroom. It’s more than a month’s worth, so I’ll just say get as far as possible.

UFO Challenge 2011 - Garden

  1. Put the effin’ gravel in the effin’ pathway. I refuse to go a third year with the gravel on the driveaway. REFUSE.
  2. Ditto with the front pathways. There will no longer be clover where the garden path goes.
  3. Ditto with the allee path. The mower doesn’t fit in there, because it was designed for gravel. Gravel it must be.
  4. Move the blueberries to the backyard. I need them where I can net them so the birds won’t eat them.
  5. Put in that forward-facing front step. Please, already.
  6. Get rid of the rubble pile. Oh, that is SO old and SO embarrassing. I’ll tell you all about it.
  7. Fix up the garden shed. Because fun as the Magic Shed is, I really do need a place to keep my garden tools.
  8. Finish the front fence. Yet another case of it’s just been too darn long.
  9. Replace the heuchera with alchemilla. Trust me. It’s gotta be done.
  10. Plant the catmint along the front border. Woulda, shoulda, coulda… so this year I will.
  11. Finish the 2nd side of the allee. How many times can I say it? Waiting for years.
  12. Built the front arbor. Before the neighbors start wondering why I insist on storing 12′ 4x4s in my sideyard. Really.

UFO Challenge 2011 - Quilts

  1. Mini Boat Quilt. A small-scale reproduction of my Dad’s Mom’s last quilt.
  2. Big Dipper. A great cowboy-style quilt for my son.
  3. Pink & Blue Star. Cottagey and summery, giant stars on white.
  4. Cottage Snowball. Another cottage-style half-done quilt.
  5. Vintage Dresden Plates. Gorgeous, unfinished vintage blocks from eBay.
  6. Star and Applique Wall Hanging. My first attempt at applique. Wish me luck!
  7. Leaders and Enders Madness. What you do when you buy thousands (yes thousands) of 1″ charm squares on eBay and they’re all wonky.
  8. Doll Quilts. Someone subscribed to a doll-quilt of the month club for two years. Oh, yes.
  9. Pastel Strip Quilt. The original project got scrapped, but the strips need a home.
  10. Thimbleberries BOM 2007. YES, that says 2007. ‘Nuff said.
  11. Green and White Square in Square. Even older! Started in 2006. 2006!!
  12. One of my Bend Projects. I was supposed to go to A Quilter’s Affair in Bend in 2007 and couldn’t. But I have everything I need to do the projects anyway.

Whew! It’s a long list, but dangit, I’m motivated!

What about you? What are your UFO’s?

Oh, and I almost forgot…

Happy New Year!!!

~Angela :-)

P.S. This post is linked up to Judy’s UFO Challenge for 2011 for quilters at Patchwork Times.

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  1. Sounds as if you will be busy.
    Make a covenant with yourself not to go in the fabric store, for starters. That is always my downfall. When I go in looking for something, can’t find it and leave with nothing else, I feel like doing the Rocky victory dance!

  2. Angela
    I so love this idea. I have so many UFO’s. I think i have 7 or 8 quilts at various stages as well as other around the house projects. I can start with the quickest ones to really get me going! Thanks for the boost.

  3. Wow! Those are some serious lists!
    I’m a little scared to even put my UFOs down in writing…between the two houses, there’s just too many. LOL
    Maybe I could devide my list into rooms and tackle one room a month.
    Oh, and I can’t wait until its warn enough to work in the garden. 🙂

  4. Oh, my! Too many. If you do the monthly thing, write them down on slips of paper now, put them in a jar, and forget about them until you pull them out. Maybe some things you shouldn’t do. Like the charm squares? Give them away. Sell them on eBay—after all, you bought them. 🙂 Same with the Doll Quilts. Do you really want to do them? An old lady (me!) with many years of experience, gives you permission to NOT do some of these projects. However, I have some very long-term UFO’s around as well. I bought a dining room set in 1982 with the express idea of painting it. We are still using it, with its original finish. I think I’ve now changed my mind. LOL….Also, is it possible to move the gravel one-bucket-a-day?

  5. Every New Year I make reverse resolutions. I pick two or three things NOT to do. For instance, I always felt that I should make a quilt. One year I admitted to myself that I really didn’t want to make a quilt, and I gave away all the lovely fabrics I had saved for years for that quilt. Another time I decided to never repair that fine oak chair I found on the curb one trash day. I gave it to a very handy friend. This year I gave away two matching plant stands that need painting. They’re really not my style. Uncluttering my mind with projects I don’t want to do, and probably never will, makes it so much easier to do the things I will really enjoy. I still have a long To Do list. I will get to everything “when I have time.”

  6. your home and garden projects sound like great weekend ideas, for when you might have some little (and big) helpers around to make it a family fun time!
    and of course i love all the quilt UFO’s that you have. I’ve got a Dresden Plate quilt on my UFO list too.

  7. Oh those daunting UFO’s……
    boy howdy do I know what they are.
    I have a few around the house, too.
    Honestly, more than a few. I just
    posted about a quilt that I want to
    make and am now geared up to get
    that done. A good start for a new
    Love your house re-do photos!
    🙂 Becky

  8. Can you spell “overwhelming”? That is a mighty long list with small kiddos to care for…I DO NOT envy you!!Maybe you need to have a gravel spreading party…all your bloggy friends could show up to help 🙂

  9. You go, girl! This sounds like my list of ‘goals’ for the year. My sweetheart just shook his head when I read it to him – but he agreed it all needed to be finished. Thanks for the inspiration to keep moving forward. I haven’t started the project I was hoping to finish New Year’s weekend but life got in the way. Had to change plans for a couple of family situations but will get back to the list soon.

  10. WOW! Your list of UFO’s made me so tired, I don’t even want to THINK of my own UFO’s!!
    Good luck with your list!
    P.S. As you can see, I was able to get to your blog today!

  11. Girl, I love your list! Especially no. 1 which had me rolling with laughter. Good luck with your ufo’s. I have several of those too and plan to get to work.

  12. I’m right there with you! My husband and I bought a house a year ago and ever since we’ve had a list very similar to yours. You are doing the right thing…use the materials you have and finish those projects before starting others! Good luck!

  13. What a fantastic list. I have my own 101 in 1001 list (101 actions in 1001 days) and one of my aims is to have less than 10 UFOs. I think I have 16 left, and still have a few more quilts to start.
    Good luck with your list.

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