A Little Color for the Master Bedroom

Chandelier Over Master Bed

Plates Over Oak Bed in Master Bedroom

As work progresses on the dining room makeover I sometimes sneak off to my room to read. nap. read. okay, fine, nap. The point is that I like to hide out in there.

It hasn’t been fixed up yet, so it’s not, you know, my “vision” for the room (oak doors! oak trim! gross carpet! gah!). But it’s cozy and stays relatively tidy. I don’t know why it stays tidy. I try not to ask too many questions. I just enjoy it.

Except lately it had been feeling blah. Last time I was musing over this room I put all white pillows on as a temporary measure, and they were feeling dreary. I just figured I’d live with it for now and focus on the fun I’m having in the dining room.
Then the other day I was feeling like I needed another pillow to prop myself up with, so I got a pillow, grabbed the first pillowcase I found, one I made with pretty pink fabric a while back, put it on and stuck it on the bed.

All of a sudden the whole room looked more inviting. Weird, huh?

Plates Over Oak Bed in Master Bedroom

And then I started noticing all of the other things in the room. There really are some pretty bits and pieces in there.

White Chandelier with Pink and Amber Crystals

Carved Oak Bed in Master Bedroom

Precious Kitty


Ruffled Pillowcase

Embroidered Decorative Pillow

Chandelier Over Master Bed

Pillows on Master Bed

Just because of that one little pillow. Isn’t that funny?

Hand-Painted Wire Basket

Plates Over Oak Bed in Master Bedroom

Has that ever happened to you?

~Angela :-)

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  1. Angela, I love your bed! However, I think it would be awesome painted white and distressed. That’s all! LOL 🙂

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