A New Crochet Project

A New Crochet Project via cottagemagpie.com

A New Crochet Project via cottagemagpie.com

Tthe last few days I’ve been laid up on the couch with a bad back. Those of you who have been around awhile know that I’m not particularly good at being ill. It’s not that I don’t like to relax on the couch, I do. I love a good cozy book and blanket, or a bit of handwork, anytime. But when I’m ill I’m stuck and I’m using up all of the good will of Mr. Magpie and the kids, and for what? So I can sit here, being frustrated. That’s when I get cranky.

The best thing for me when I’m stuck on the couch is a project, so this time I decided to start a new one. Admittedly I have other unfinished projects I should be working on, but this time I decided to just be indulgent and start something new. New and shiny. I fell in love with this blanket I saw on Dottie Angel while trolling around on Pinterest, and since it just so happens that I have a collection of doilies burning a hole in my pocket, it seemed like the perfect thing.

Crocheted Blanket via http://dottieangel.blogspot.com

I went through all kinds of agony over the colors. I didn’t want to just copy the original, since I find that while I love the results of copied projects they never really feel like they belong here. Worse yet, I still don’t actually know what I like (vintage? modern? cottage? retro? shabby?), and I didn’t want to work that hard on something and end up not liking it. I went through all of my yarn and sort of had the whole mess on a pile on the coffee table, and even went so far as to crochet the first two squares in an aqua and a lime green just because that was the only thing I felt fairly sure about.

Then, late last night I noticed this old vintage blanket we have in the family room, and it hit me that I loved it, and I should just use those colors. I think I do best when I use examples from vintage fabrics and crafts to guide me with colors.

A New Crochet Project via cottagemagpie.com

I pulled everything I had from my stash that was close, and I have a few more things on order to round it out. Some softer greens, for example. Fortunately my first two squares aren’t so different that they won’t blend in when it’s done.

A New Crochet Project via cottagemagpie.com

Of course, it remains to be seen whether certain furry members of the family are going to let me work on the project at all. 🙂

A New Crochet Project via cottagemagpie.com

Isn’t she just so cute? She did eventually settle down and nap, and I was able to crochet away.

Meanwhile, it all looked so pretty in the January sunshine that I couldn’t help myself and took about a billion pictures.

A New Crochet Project via cottagemagpie.com

A New Crochet Project via cottagemagpie.com

A New Crochet Project via cottagemagpie.com

A New Crochet Project via cottagemagpie.com

A New Crochet Project via cottagemagpie.com

A New Crochet Project via cottagemagpie.com

I’m really happy with the colors so far. I hope I like the finished blanket, too. Of course I second guess myself constantly and am worry that I should have gone with random width squares instead of regular, should have done stripes, should have done a V-stitch or ripple, or, or, or. I’m trying to just enjoy the process and actually finish this one.

What about you? Do you second-guess yourself?

~Angela :-)

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  1. Well hello there! I think as long as you love all the colors you can’t loose. I’ve never learned to crochet, but someday I’ll teach myself. Your blanket looks like a fun project and I hope you’ll share it with us when you finish! Well, off to bed for me. We’ve got to be on the road at 5:15 tomorrow morning. ugh

    Nice to see you back, Angela!

    • Thank you, Vickie, for such a welcome back! I didn’t *mean* to be gone for so long, but there you go. It happens. But I’m glad to be back, too. Where are you going on your early-morning road trip?? Somewhere fun I hope!! I’m still on the couch (better but being careful) and I’m making good progress on my blanket! I need more colors, though, everything I have is very bright and the vintage blanket is much more muted. I’m sure it’ll all work out in the end, though. Crochet is SO easy and SO fast, I really do love it. My aunt taught me when I was 6 and I’ve always loved it. Take care! ~Angela~

  2. Love the colors – a nice idea to use your vintage blanket for help on color scheme. Glad to see a post from you. Sorry your back is a problem; hope the distress is soon a thing of the past.

    • Thank you, Jan! I’m happy to be back, too. I didn’t meant to take *quite* such a long break! 🙂 I really do rely on old things for colors, otherwise I am just lost! ~Angela~

  3. In my humble opinion, which you didn’t ask for but are going to get anyway, your choices are perfectly gorgeous. I have the same problem you do, deciding and second guessing. But yours are perfect. Can’t wait to see the finished product! Dona

    • Hi Dona!! Glad to hear from you, and thank you for saying such nice things. I am sure that it will all turn out right in the end as long as I don’t obsess and overwork it too much. Even if it isn’t exactly like what I had in mind to start with, it’ll still be great, RIGHT? 🙂 I’m trying to learn to be more okay with the uncertainty, you can tell. Thanks for coming by! ~Angela~

  4. Hi Angela, sorry to hear about your back. I hope your on the mend soon. I love your kitty! My female kitty always finds herself a spot on any of my sewing materials laid out. Thanks for sharing! Feel better soon!

    • Hi Bobbi Jo! Aren’t kitties just like that? Mine is the worst about that, but it’s just so cute I can’t help but smile. My back is quite a bit better, too, thank you! Now I just have to keep from overdoing it and ruining it again! ~Angela~

  5. Dana Nichols says:

    I can’t wait to see your finished blanket. Choosing colors is the hardest part for me!

    • Dana, me too!! I have the worst time choosing. I’m so terrified I’m not going to like the finished product that I agonize endlessly. Using examples seems to help, though. ~Angela~

  6. Barbara H. says:

    Lovely colors, Angela. I really like the vintage inspiration blanket from your family room, too. Second guessing is the devil’s handiwork, I think. Except, of course, for the times when it saves us from a mistake! It’s pretty hard to tell which it is in the moment. Enjoy your crocheting, get well soon, and keep posting.

    • Hahaha! Barbara, I think you’re right! How the heck do we tell which is which? 🙂 Well, for now at least I have this vintage blanket to use as inspiration, and that seems to work for me. I just have to keep finding things like that to use to guide my choices. Although maybe just pictures of things since otherwise I’d have too many things! Ha! ~Angela~

  7. Love your inspiration blanket and your kitty. They do love playing with yarn. I haven’t crocheted in a long time, but I’m sure if I did my Callie would be right in the middle of it. Hope your back is feeling better.

    • Thank you, Sandy!!! My back is getting better, I should be back up to speed next week I think. The cats are really quite funny, aren’t they? If they weren’t so cute they’d be awful pests. Well, they are awful pests. But they’re so cute doing it! Thanks for visiting! ~Angela~

  8. Gloria murphy says:

    Hi, I love your cotton blanket! I’m new at crochet and made some washcloths. They turned out really pretty but when I washed them the colors faded. They are really ugly now. How do you take care of your cotton creations? I used the same sugar and cream yarn that you are using. Thank you!

    • Hi Gloria – I don’t know why washclothes fade so quickly, but mine do, too! My other things don’t seem to, maybe it’s because washclothes get so used that it just wears the color out of them! ~Angela~

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