(Seems Like) A Whole New Family Room

Family Room via cottagemagpie.com

Thrifted Paintings via cottagemagpie.com

Right before things got so crazy with the holidays, I did a couple things in the family room that really made a huge difference. I mean, it’s not really a whole new room — you can see primer on the walls if you look closely (please don’t look closely). But the few things I did to make it feel like a whole new room, so I just had to share.

I didn’t do much. We moved the daybed into what will be Mr. Magpie’s office (oh, long story on that, coming up…). But otherwise, all I did was paint the little twin hutches (one is finished, one is half done), throw some of my thrift-store paintings on top and clip some fabric up on the windows that will someday be actual curtains (right now they’re just “mistreatments” a la The Nester). So really nothing. But what a difference. Doesn’t it seem a million times brighter? And cheerier? And fun? It’s just so ME. I love it.

Check it out. This is what it looked like last summer, after we put up the test/temporary dividing wall to carve out where the mudroom will go:

Family Room via cottagemagpie.com

If you go see that post you can really see how the hutches looked before they got painted.

And here’s how it looks now:

Family Room via cottagemagpie.com

It’s not a huge change, but all the details just make me so happy.

Family Room via cottagemagpie.com

Family Room via cottagemagpie.com

Family Room via cottagemagpie.com

Family Room via cottagemagpie.com

Family Room via cottagemagpie.com

Family Room via cottagemagpie.com

Family Room via cottagemagpie.com

Family Room via cottagemagpie.com

Family Room via cottagemagpie.com

I want to paint the walls and make the fabric into real curtains, and then I have a bevy of other little projects to do. One of the first things I want to do is to make some kind of cute curtain for the hutches — both tops and bottoms — so that I can hide the toys and clutter (and, blush, actually take a picture of them to show you that’s not embarrassing). I had tried some different fabrics I have on hand, but now I’m thinking maybe vintage towels, pillowcases, or even some kind of patchwork. Still pondering that one.

Plus I need to finish painting. More stories to come on that as well, since I stopped halfway, I don’t know whether I can make the second one look like the first one or not! Yikes!

Anyway — it’s a work in progress, but it makes me so happy, I had to show you where it was at so far.

Meanwhile, though, I’m trying to finish up the Christmas presents I didn’t finish while I was sick. I hope to get those done in the next day or two and I can show them to you. Then I need to give you the DL on what happened with the offices. So much to tell!!

What about you? Any rooms you have changed lately that make you really happy?

~Angela :-)

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  1. That is super cute! So inviting, warm, and summery!

    • Thank you, Nicole!! There’s still a ton of work to do, so honestly I’m kind of surprised I like it as much as I do! ~Angela~

  2. Angela,
    I really like your idea of making curtains for the hutches and I love that you might use vintage towels. Really neat idea! Good luck with your projects. Sounds like your doing some great brainstorming beforehand. Melinda

    • Thank you, Melinda! I’m still kind of working it out — I have some vintage embroidered squares, and some vintage towels, but not enough of either to do the whole thing (there are two hutches, and I have to do the bottoms and the doors). So maybe adding some random patchwork in?? Not sure, but I’ll experiment around and see what I can figure out. Thanks for stopping by! ~Angela~

  3. Barbara H. says:

    It looks great – the hutch color really pulls the room together, I think. I just painted my master bedroom closet, a small walk in, and made some small changes. It was mis-tint paint from Lowe’s. I was expecting it to be a pale blue from the dot of paint on the top, but it’s a blue-green – even better than pale blue. It was a happy surprise. Next time, though, I’ll have them shake the can and open it so I can get a better idea of what the color really is.

    • Thank you, Barbara! I love blue-green paint — it’s so pretty! How lucky to get a mis-tint score! That’s so cool when that works out. I’ve been using samples from Sherwin Williams for things like furniture. One $6 sample pot will do both hutches! For bigger projects (like your closet), the mis-tint is totally the way to go. Sounds pretty! ~Angela~

  4. Barbara @ DIY Home Staging Tips says:

    That looks so darn charming, Angela. Sometimes the things we do quickly or what we think are temporary turn out to be the most honest and appealing. Nice work.

    • Thank you, Barbara!! I was truly surprised by that — I had no idea that such a small change could make such a huge difference. It’s very encourging, since I have such a long road until this house is all the way done. Thanks for the encouragement!! ~Angela~

  5. Just the fact that it makes you HAPPY, makes it perfect! I’ve always (since I started following you) LOVED the quilt hanging on the wall. The thrift store art really pops! Such a great idea! Looking forward to what’s next!

    • Oh, thank you, Dona!! I keep meaning to point that out, but I keep forgetting. I really love the quilts hanging up, too. That particular hanger is just a thrifted wall shelf with a leftover section of curtain rod attached to the bottom. Somewhere I have pictures showing how we did that… I’ll have to find those. Thanks for stopping by! ~Angela~

  6. Angela,
    Super cute. That room looks very inviting and cozy. Love it all. Love all your beautiful quilts too.

    • Thank you, Kris! I do love old quilts. Hopefully this year I can make some new ones to join in the mix! ~Angela~

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