Drive By: Gathering Autumn Porch Ideas

Autumn Ideas

When looking for autumn decorating ideas for the front porch, ideas are often just around the corner. Ideas and inspiration can be found simply by driving through your own neighborhood. Today, I toured the local streets to see what seasonal touches caught my eye.

The house color is the first thing that caught my eye in the photo above. The rusty red contrasts so nicely with the yellowing foliage nearby, it seems as if this homeowner designed with fall in mind.

Autumn Porch Ideas

Sometimes it is the potential that is most noticeable. On this house, the annuals in the terra-cotta urns have been removed, leaving a space crying out for seasonal touches. A pair of large white pumpkins, a pyramid of gourds, a display of branches or berries, or even two globes of grapevine would fill the space perfectly.

Autumn Porch Ideas

This homeowner cleverly tied accents to home color, with the orange pumpkin similar to the door color and white ghost reflecting the house trim. Now, the accents can stay small but still be noticeable.

Autumn Porch Ideas

When your entryway is far from the curb, choose one big item rather than several small items. This large, decorated pumpkin in a witches hat is perfect for grabbing attention.

Autumn Porch Ideas

Of course, a welcoming feel at your entry is always the right idea. On this porch, the pumpkins lead you up the stairs to a cozy bench, perfect for a visit with your friends and family.

If you look, you can find ideas and inspiration for seasonal decorating everywhere, even right next door.

~Angela :-)

This post is a part of the Front Porches: A Fall Drive By sponsored by Melissa at The Inspired Room.

Note: All photos have been taken either with permission or from public property, however house numbers have been blurred or altered as a courtesy.

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  1. Wow, I love that front porch in the last picture, such great architecture. And I love how they put that star above the porch on the red house, a homey touch. Great tips and decor, thanks for playing along! We did it! Phew! What a day!
    Happy fall,

  2. Beautiful pictures!
    Know what I noticed? Your fall foliage is much better than ours. Your trees are changing colors, bringing in those Autumn shades. Sadly, most of ours around here are still green.:(
    Happy Fall!

  3. Love the porches- they all have such a welcoming feeling to them- you must live in a wonderful place.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. I love the simplicity of just a few arranged pumpkins.

  5. These are all so cozy and homey. I really like the first one, with the simple little pumpkins. Thanks for sharing them. 🙂

  6. What beautiful pictures & great tips!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great tour! Love that last house with the big front porch and the bench. 🙂

  8. Very nice doors and porches…love how you describe them and how we can put some ideas to good use.

  9. Man, oh man… does my “entry” need help!
    I really want a red door. but right now I’d settle for new plants and some glorious pumpkins.
    I’d love some advise on how to keep the squirrels from chewing them up!

  10. Sorry, but I think this is a daft idea.
    I would hate it if people took pictures of my house and then published them. It sounds like intrusion to me.
    Unless one contacted them beforehand and got permission.
    The next step could be to look through the windows and take pictures of the inside rooms. Where do you draw the line? Outside rooms OK but inside out of bounds? Very tricky.

  11. It looks like the houses in your area have so much character. Love them all!

  12. Bella Casa says:

    Man, I really heart that last house, I would love to just make an offer and move right in 😉 I have a soft spot for those bungalows:)

  13. PS: Nice tour!!!

  14. Beautiful tour, Angela! This was such a fun project, wasn’t it?

  15. Love all of your pictures…especially that last one. The pillars are beautiful.

  16. I love that first picture. That is a home I could move right into 🙂
    Nice to meet you. It’s fun visiting all of these front porches.

  17. What a lovely neighhood! Loved viewing all the porches!
    Blessings to you!
    Claudia O.

  18. Very nice porch pics Angela!

  19. I enjoyed your tour and loved your tips and hints. The red door was my favorite and the urns would be perfect filled with the white pumpkins and berries ect.
    It was fun visiting all the homes on your tour and being part of this, another of Melissa’s fun parties!

  20. What pretty porches! I love the red house, that is really cool. My porch looks like the Doug Fir Lounge – stacks and stacks of firewood! Not very decorative. :/

  21. I loved your tour! There is just something wonderful about seeing all the porches decorated for Fall. It just makes you happy! I just did a post about the *entrances* here and what fun it was to drive around and spot them!

  22. Great tour of your neighborhood. The homes are lovely. Enjoyed your post!

  23. Hi Angela
    I’m glad to see you’re back blogging again! Thanks for the tour of your neighborhood.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  24. Love your porches! I just love Fall, it instantly makes me think of Family. Not sure why, maybe all the get togethers and holidays:)

  25. Hi Angela,
    Thanks for taking me on your autumn porch tour!

  26. brooke Giannetti says:

    I love this time of year!
    These charming homes look so wonderful in their fall attire.
    Thank you sharing. Love your blog!

  27. I like to see how others decorate. Thanks for the tour.

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