Happy Happy Quilt in the Hoop

Happy Happy Quilt in the Hoop via cottagemagpie.com

Happy Happy Quilt in the Hoop via cottagemagpie.com

Since the Scrappy Pink & Green Irish Chain is still being quilted, I thought you might like to see one of the other quilts that I have been slowly working on. I made the top last year during the Very Hard Summer, and finally got it pinned a few weeks ago. I did some basic straight line machine quilting and now I am putting one sunny yellow tie in the middle of each square.

Surprisingly, tying is pretty time consuming. You would think it would be so much faster than quilting… you know, “Oh, I’ll just throw a few ties on there and it’ll be done,” but in fact it’s a pretty slow and laborious process and something you have to enjoy for it’s meditative qualities. I definitely enjoy tying quilts, although I only do it if (a) I think the quilt would just be less without it, or (b) I am okay with the quilt taking a very long time to get done.

This particular quilt is going to be in my studio for that extra bright vintage-y cheerfulness that I love, especially as summer approaches.

Happy Happy Quilt in the Hoop via cottagemagpie.com

I’m only about 1/3 of the way done so far, but I keep chipping away at it, one tie at a time. It is very wonky, but I’m okay with that. It was a quilt I needed to make at the time, and I didn’t need it to be perfect. I just needed to sew those bright pink poppy flowers together and forget about everything else for awhile.

Happy Happy Quilt in the Hoop via cottagemagpie.com

Happy Happy Quilt in the Hoop via cottagemagpie.com

Do you quilt? Do you like tying or stitching better?

~Angela :-)

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  1. As always…I love your quilt! And the pic of it! I have tied a quilt before and machine quilt. I enjoy both types of quilting as I think both are fitting for certain quilts. This one will for sure brighten up any room!

    • Thank you, Leah! I agree with you — some quilts really cry out for one or the other, don’t they? I’m looking forward to this one being done. ~Angela~

  2. Merlynn H. Wierzbicki says:

    Love the colors on your quilt. Now do you tie first, then stitch or stitch first then tie?

    • Thank you, Merlynn! I stitch first then tie, so that I don’t run into bumps when putting the quilt through the machine. ~Angela~

  3. Hi Angela, what a gorgeous quilt you are making! The fabric is so sunny and cheerful. Yes I patchwork and quilt but not for awhile. I love the slow rhythm of hand quilting but I’ve never used a hoop. My most precious quilt is a wholecloth that took me 18 months to complete. It’s not massive but just about covers the top of a double bed. I did once tie a quilt but only because I didn’t have time (or more likely couldn’t be bothered to hand stitch it at the time!).
    Tracey xxx

    • Thank you, Tracey! I only use the hoop for tying, I’d use a frame for hand quilting. I had built one years ago and don’t have it anymore, but I’d like to build it again one of these days. First I’ve got to make sure everyone in the house has a quilt to sleep under, then maybe I can slow down and do some handwork. 🙂 ~Angela~

  4. I’m really intrigued by using buttons instead of ties, saw this on a quilt on Pinterest and went “ooooh.”

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