Happy Holidays 2012

Christmas Tree via Cottage Magpie

Christmas Pillow from Vintage Chenille via Cottage Magpie

Are all of you having a great holiday? I hope you are. My holiday so far has been a mixed bag. I have been sick for about four weeks — since right after I started the Christmas Parade in fact — and now it seems to be settling into a good case of bronchitis. On the other hand, my heart is still filled with joy, and I’m having as much fun as I possibly can. I hate being sick, but it’ll pass, and then I’ll be up to my old tricks again.

I have a ton to show you and share as well. I’m going to try and catch you up a bit during some year-end recap posts, and then once the season winds down in January we can chat in earnest. In the past I’ve always had grand plans, but my plans for 2013 are simple: to do my thing and share with you. No gimmicks, no hype, just me and you and what I’ve gotten up to lately.

Christmas Toy Train via Cottage Magpie

So that’s what’s on my mind this holiday season. I’ll share more in the days ahead. But for now, I hope that you and yours are having the best of all possible holiday seasons. No matter where you are, and no matter what your circumstances are, I hope that your heart is full of joy and hope and love.

Much love,

~Angela :-)

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  1. Barbara H. says:

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been sick! Glad to hear you’ve still been having fun with a heart filled with joy. It’s been a quiet but good Christmas in NE Alabama. I look forward to your coming posts. I like your plan for 2013 – it’s the best!

  2. Hi Angela! I’ve subscribed to your blog for quite a while now and really love it. But this past week, when new ones come in my email (I’m a stalker not a blogger) they are all the post from December 25th. Even though the title in the email is new, the post isn’t. What’s going on? I’m missing things!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you have blessed New Year! Dona

    • Hi Dona! Sorry for the confusion. I posted some “catch-up” Christmas posts and they are confusing the old FeedBlitz email subscription thing. I would suggest re-subscribing using the new Feedburner email on the Subscribe page here: http://cottagemagpie.com/subscribe/ — let me know if you have trouble! I’m so glad you read the blog! I really appreciate it. ~Angela~

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