Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Chippy Doors on Vintage Hutch
Thrifted Needlepoint Bench Top
Sunshine Through Cabbage Rose Curtains
Thrifted House Painting
Vintage Quilts and Toy Cars

There’s so much going on here, I haven’t even had time to stop and breathe, let alone share with you all of the whirlwind of activity. This season (and this weather) always tends to make me introspective, starting the holiday slide toward the new year with those kinds of evaluations that bring on resolutions in January. I have been blogging for a very long time now, and I think that I am not the same person that I was when I started. And yet, I’m coming full circle back to the person I was when I started, too, all at the same time.

I’ll explain more soon, I promise.

Meanwhile, there are so many things around me that bring me joy that I am thankful for. Finished projects (sneak peeks above), early Christmas gifts, my favorite vintage things, new babies, big gatherings of friends and family, little moments… and of course, YOU! You who have been watching and reading and commenting and participating in this whole journey of mine. Some of you are new, and some have been with me since the beginning, and to all of you I am so grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends. May your days be filled with things that bring you joy.

~Angela :-)

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