Happy Thanksgiving

I Love You Like Biscuits & Gravy Letterpress via cottagemagpie.com

You know what I am thankful for? All of you. Never in a million years did I guess that I would drop off the face of the earth for nearly two years, then come back and have you all welcome me back, eager to hear what I had to share. It’s like coming back home after a very long trip, and being welcomed back to family. Thank you for that. It means more than you know.

I hope that today, wherever you are and whoever you are with, that you feel welcomed, too. Embraced by the love of the people around you, whether they are family, friends, or even strangers. It’s a time to remember that we’re all in this together, all us creatures on this big ball of rock hurtling through space. Let’s love each other. I certainly love all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving, my far-away friends. Many blessings for you.

With love,

~Angela :-)

P.S. It really is kind of funny that I have this sign in my kitchen, since I have a billion food restrictions due to an ongoing illness so I haven’t had biscuits & gravy for years. But friends, I still love them. Someday I’ll get to have them again. Meanwhile, I do, truly love you like biscuits & gravy.

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  1. Barbara H. says:

    Still not getting this in my email. I’ll try to remember to check manually! Sorry about the food restrictions – it can make life complicated but if you feel better without certain things, it’s worthwhile.

    • Hi Barbara! I think there might be something wrong with the email system I was using–I’m going to switch to a new one, I’ll let you know when I do. Should be just a week or two. Thank you for being such a loyal supporter all these years, it means a lot to me. ~Angela~

  2. It’s so good to see you back, Angela! I just decided to check out your site and was so surprised to see 2 new posts. For some reason it’s not updating on my blog roll, so I’ll be sure to check more often. Welcome back!

    • Hi Vicki!!! Yes, there’s lots going on behind the scenes here and I should be posting regularly starting next week. It’s quite exciting! I look forward to chatting with yo more soon. ~Angela~

  3. I found myself reading this because of the title. Biscuits and gravy. I love them both too, but obviously not at the same time!

    • Gasp!!! Not biscuits and gravy at the same time? My stars, you are missing out! Biscuits and sausage gravy, oh, so divine. xo ~Angela~

  4. Mary Truax says:

    Hi Angela! Good to hear from you. Hope you are well. I do enjoy your posts on quilting and decorating. And life in general. Whatever you choose to share.

    • Hi Mary! Thank you so much. You are sweet and I appreciate it very much. I’m gearing up here behind the scenes so I can share more often, and I’m really excited. Thank you for visiting!! ~Angela~

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