Holiday Home Tour 2012

Holiday Home Tour via Cottage Magpie

Holiday Home Tour via Cottage Magpie

Welcome friends, old and new, to this year’s Holiday Home Tour. The Christmas season has been merry and bright, and even though I am still sick, I am having a lovely year.

Of course, like everyone, I had a million plans for this year’s decorations that didn’t come to fruition, but I’ve decided to let it go. Big breath. No, I am not going to get everything done. Decorations are what they are, and everyone has already been informed that gifts aren’t coming until January. But I am spending time with my family, and not stressing, and that is way more important to me than getting every little project done or the gifts on time.

Okay, I do kinda wish I could get the gifts done on time. But I still say that a no-stress holiday is more important. Here’s a little tour of my “no stress” holiday loos like this year.

First, I shared my new Christmas snow globe collection, along with a statement of self that I am still reveling in.

Christmas Snow Globe Collection via Cottage Magpie

Then, the thrifted Spode “Tree” platter I found at the Goodwill.

Thrifted Spode Christmas Tree Plate via Cottage Magpie

I tried yet another faux mantel option with a little Christmas entry vignette:

Christmas Mini Tree via Cottage Magpie

In the bedroom, I made a couple of red-and-white Christmas pillows:

Christmas Pillows via Cottage Magpie

And then added a few more decorations for a festive Christmas bedroom:

Christmas in the Bedroom via Cottage Magpie

Lastly, I shared our Christmas tree:

Christmas Tree via Cottage Magpie

Along with some of the ornaments we’ve put up on the tree this year:

Christmas Ornaments via Cottage Magpie

And that’s it! Thank you so much for coming. I hope that you enjoyed the tour and will come back to see more in the new year!

Holiday Home Tour via Cottage Magpie

Merry Christmas!

~Angela :-)

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