Vintage Shiny Brite Christmas Ornaments

Vintage Shiny Brite Christmas Ornaments via

Vintage Shiny Brite Christmas Ornaments via

Over the summer I had some good luck at garage sales. With everything that was going on, I ended up not blogging much. Now that life seems a little more manageable, I’d love to share more with you. Plus, it’s the perfect time to share these Christmas ornaments!

I feel so lucky to have found these. I don’t have much money, so I can’t go hunting all the time. Well, I could, but I would end up bringing home more than I should! So except for the pretty pink Shiny Brites I won in a giveaway a couple of years ago, I have never found any. Needless to say, when I found these at a garage sale, I felt especially lucky.

There’s a variety of shapes and sizes and colors. I really can’t decide which is my favorite. But I am definitely partial to that pink one. Who doesn’t love pink? Maybe someday I can find more. They’re so pretty.

Vintage Shiny Brite Christmas Ornaments via

Vintage Shiny Brite Christmas Ornaments via

Vintage Shiny Brite Christmas Ornaments via

Do you have a thing for vintage ornaments? Have some already?

~Angela :-)

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  1. They are very precious and, yes, that pink one is lovely with the see-through bottom.. The box is pretty neat too!

    • Thank you, Beata! I love the box, too. I need to figure out something creative to do with it. It’s too neat to get rid of. Any ideas? ~Angela~

  2. You found an especially pretty box of Shiny Brites, Angela. I have found quite a few random, vintage ornaments over the years, too, but not in an original box like this. These are the kinds of ornaments that were on our family tree when I was a child. I am sure that my had mom picked them up at Woolworth for 99 cents to two dollars a box. My sister-in-law has two gorgeous trees. One is a huge fir tree loaded with hundreds of German Inge glass ornaments, and the other smaller one is loaded with Shiny Brites. They are both gorgeous!

    • Thank you, Sally! I have quite a few of the German-style molded ornaments, too. None of mine are authentic, but I love them anyway. We only have room for one big tree, so it’ll all go on there togther! I bet your sister-in-law’s trees are beautiful. ~Angela~

  3. Barbara @ DIY Home Staging Tips says:

    Hey, I remember that giveaway! Happy they found a happy home and some “brothers and sisters.”

    I like to hunt for Christmas decor in the off-seasons, too. I found a fabulous all-weather “della robbia” wreath last summer for 50 cents that’s on my door now and looks like a million bucks.

    Merry Christmas, Angela!

  4. I love pink, so of course I think the pink one is lovely. I’m still mad at myself for not getting several boxes of these when I saw them at a thrift store a few years ago. Yours are so lovely.

    • Oh no! You passed some up? Well, I’m sure they’ll come back. They always do, right? I love, love, love pink so that’s what I always look for. Last year I found two boxes of Shiny Brites at the thrift but they were red – and not a great vintage red, just red. In fact, in retrospect I’m not sure if someone didn’t just reuse the box! I passed those up. I keep hoping for more pink and blue ones! ~Angela~

  5. OMG . . . I have some of those dark blue ones, my MIL gave them to me years ago. I love vintage Christmas anything, but especially the ornaments. I’ve collected them from a lot of garage/yard sales and some estates sales as well. They’re fun to collect. Your collection is beautiful . . . enjoy the journey. Blessings! Sandy

  6. My kid would steal these from you in a hot second and hang them right beside his Mega Man video game ones. Because like the name says, shiny!

    • Yep, shiny indeed! Ours are hanging on the tree now, happily sharing with the Hogwarts Express, various Star Wars ships, frogs, snowmen, and the seven dwarves. We’re an equal opportunity tree kind of household. :-) ~Angela~

  7. Oh, you were lucky to find some, they are so delicate and fragile.

    • They really are. I’m probably not being wise putting them on the tree, but I figured it’s better to use them than just keep them packed away. Nothing lasts forever! ~Angela~

  8. Those are beautiful! They bring back happy memories! I have a few vintage ornaments but most of my decorations are reproductions. Not the same at all!

    • Most of mine are reproductions, too, Adrienne! I hope to find more vintage ones, but in the meantime, I am liking the mix. Plus, I’ll never part with my Harry Potter ornaments. I wish I had more of them. :-) ~Angela~

  9. Love your vintage ornaments!!

  10. Your ornaments are gorgeous! What a find! I don’t have vintage ornaments, but you have me thinking of keeping a look out for some!

  11. Barbara H. says:

    I was lucky enough to find a box of plain red and a box of plain gold ornaments a few years ago at a thrift store. I don’t remember if they are the Shiny Brite but they are definitely vintage. Some are on the tree and some are in a bowl – love them. I’m also blessed to have a lot of crocheted snowflakes that my mother made quite a few years ago before the scourge of macular degeneration deprived her of reading and crocheting. I love them.

    • Oh, Barbara, that sounds so pretty! I love the crocheted snowflakes. I have just two that a neighbor lady gave me when I was a preteen. I managed to find a vintage pattern book on eBay a couple of years ago with the patterns in them — I haven’t had a chance to make any yet, though. I especially like the macrame ones, have you seen those? They’re made with tiny white cording. ~Angela~

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