Iron Daybed for the Family Room

Iron Daybed for the Family Room via

Iron Daybed for the Family Room via

I feel like all of my progress in my house is kind of a groundswell. It really doesn’t seem like much is happening for… well, years, but then all of a sudden things start to come together. I think by this time next year our house is going to look quite different, and it’s going to seem like we just did our house all in one swoop, although really we’ve been working on it for years, it’s just not much to show! Or maybe it’s just that I finally know what I like.

Either way, I think the fun stuff is going to start happening.

Long time readers may remember that I used to have a daybed in the family room, and it was a really cozy, snuggly place to read, look at the trees, or nap. Of course, nap! When we made the family room smaller (or considered doing it, anyway), we moved the daybed into Tiger’s room, but I always missed it. So when I shared the once-again-big family room, I knew that the spot under the window was going to have a daybed.

Iron Daybed for the Family Room via

The big question, of course, is what kind? I didn’t want another one of the ones I had before, but something a little lighter, visually, if you know what I mean. Plus I also wanted something secondhand that was going to be, say, under $200.

And then I saw this photo:

Iron Daybed for the Family Room via

I saw it on Pinterest, and eventually tracked it down to an amazing UK photographer, Rachel Whiting. This photo of the iron daybed with quilts draped over the end absolutely stopped me in my tracks. So, so gorgeous.

So then I knew. I wanted a white, iron daybed that had a vintage look about it, and was under $200. Preferably under $150.

And look what I found:

Iron Daybed for the Family Room via

Thank you, Craigslist!!

It was listed for $140, and though we haggled, the price was firm. I was thrilled to get it. Unfortunately in our awkward, standing-in-someone-elses-house-after-asking-for-a-discount fluster, we accidentally gave the seller an extra $20, so we paid $160 for a bed listed for $140. Oooops.

Iron Daybed for the Family Room via

I was a bit disappointed to realize later (and an hour away) that I had done that, but I decided to assume that it had worked out for a reason, that the the seller needed it more than I did.

At any rate, I now have an iron daybed in my family room. I am very excited. I am going to Rub-n-Buff the brass knobs to a darker color, and then of course I’m going to need quilts to drape over the end! Guess which quilt is going to be first? Oh yes, the Bohemian Squares!

Have you ever found anything amazing on Craigslist? Have you ever paid more than the asking price?

~Angela :-)

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  1. Wow this looks gorgeous!! I’m a sucker for an iron bed, and have just recently discovered the joys of Gumtree (the Australian equivalent of Craigslist). So far over the last few months I have sold several cupboards, 2 blenders and a spare single bed, and bought a Queen bed for us, which came with a mattress for DS1, 2 amazing vintage mirrors and two beautiful timber china display cabinets for absolute bargains. Of course, I got my vintage Singer 201K and also my wonderful Bernina from there too. And we mustn’t forget Coco the puppy that was my favourite Gumtree buy! But no, I’m afraid I’ve never paid more than I was supposed to.

    • Ooh, sounds like lovely finds!! I think Gumtree sounds even better than Craigslist!! But I do love my bed. Sadly, not that I paid the extra $20, but oh well!! ~Angela~

  2. So pretty!

  3. Mary Truax says:

    I love that! Your quilt is gorgeous against the white iron daybed.

    • Angela says:

      Thank you so much! I have rescued it from there and put it on my bed. There’s toooo much chaos in the family room! Not to mention dirty little feet! But hopefully I can get another quilt made that works, too! ~Angela~

  4. That is beautiful and any quilt will enhance its beauty, good for you. Re the seller, they will have counted the money once you were through the door so a little naughty not coming after you. However you have a beautiful asset to your lovely home:)

    Peg x

    • Angela says:

      It was a bit naughty, wasn’t it? But really, I think they needed it more than I did. I’m glad to have it! ~A

  5. I love the iron bed and the quilt is really pretty. I’m thinking of getting a black iron bed for our master bedroom.

    • I used to have an iron bed in our master bedroom and I really loved the look of it. The only thing I didn’t like was that the pillows wanted to fall through the headboard and it wasn’t as comfy to sit up against so I ended up switching out for a wooden bed when we moved. But I still miss how charming the iron bed was!

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