More Squares and Even More Waiting

More Squares and Even More Waiting via

More Squares and Even More Waiting via

My blanket is growing, little by little. I love this pattern. Since you work the blanket in strips only 30 stitches wide, you make lots of progress. And each square is only 16 rows, so I can finish a square pretty quickly. Then it’s on to the next color and it’s so satisfying!!

I remember years and years ago I decided to try and crochet a blanket for my Dad. I used double-strands of worsted cotton and some stitch that worked up pretty fast, I don’t remember which one. But after a few days I had only done about 6 inches of blanket and I just crashed. I couldn’t bear the idea of working on each loooooong row for weeks and weeks on end.

So this is way easier. But then, I think that I am more patient now. Knowing that a project might take weeks, months or even years doesn’t phase me. The work is so satisfying and relaxing that I don’t mind at all. I get some of my best ideas when I’m doing work like this. Crochet, weeding, sewing.

Interestingly, I do NOT get my best ideas while doing dishes. I wonder why that is??? 😉

More Squares and Even More Waiting via

More Squares and Even More Waiting via

More Squares and Even More Waiting via

Since these pictures were taken I decided to rip out that variegated color at the end. I have had that yarn for 20 years because I don’t want to waste it and I keep thinking that maybe it really is very pretty — each of the colors is very pretty — but I really don’t like it when it’s crocheted up. No reason. I should donate it to some young person in my life and be done with it!! I’ve ripped it out of every project I’ve tried it in for years. Let it go, Angela!!

More Squares and Even More Waiting via

I’ve kind of gotten to the end of where I can go until the new yarn gets here. I have more colors but I don’t want the blanket to be half old colors and half new so I’m going to have to wait. And wait. And wait!! From when I ordered it’s over a week to get here! ACK!

I may have to start another project to keep my busy in the meantime. I’ve been eyeballing this great V-stitch blanket I pinned. I just might have to work on that while I’m waiting.

More Squares and Even More Waiting via

I’m particularly excited about putting the vintage doilies on the blanket when it’s done. Aren’t they cute?

It’s been sunny here, off and on. The whole winter has been kind of warm. I wonder if we’ll have an extra warm summer, too? I better get my crochet done, because I won’t want to work on it when it’s all hot outside!

Do you crochet? Where do you get your yarn?

~Angela :-)

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  1. It’s looking great, Angela! The doilies are a great touch and that variegated yarn wasn’t so bad — I thought it gave it a nice “granny” look… .Can’t wait to see it finished! Happy crocheting!

    Beata xox

    • Oh, thank you, Beata!! You are so sweet! I promise not to give up on the variegated yarn yet! 🙂 It’s got some very pretty colors in it. There’s just something about the combination that I don’t love, but maybe I just haven’t found the right project for it. Thanks for visiting!! ~Angela~

  2. hello,
    i was searching for feedsack fabrics,than i find your site,it looks so nice.
    mayby you can tell me where i can order some feedsackfabrics?
    sorry for my bad english ,i am from Holland,where are you from?

    greeting Carla

    • Hi Carla! Thank you for visiting! I am in the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S.. As for feed sack fabrics, I find lots of reproduction fabrics at my local quilt shop, and there are tons of fabrics on eBay. Good luck! ~Angela~

  3. I love the colors and the doilies are going to be so sweet. Don’t give up on that variegated yarn it has a purpose, you may find it soon 🙂 I think the colors are very pretty…Happy Creative Day to you Angela. xxx susie

    • Thank you so much, Susie!! I think you are right, I’ll figure that yarn out eventually! 🙂 Thanks for visiting! ~Angela~

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