Musical Rooms

Remember how I had you all vote on what room I should work on, but without knowing what you were voting on? (That was fun!) You all picked the pantry. Which was a good choice, even if a bit unglamorous.

Pantry Shelves


Then we decided to move the laundry out of the pantry and to a mudroom by the back door, which suddenly made the family room the perfect size. Not that we actually *built* the mudroom, we just mocked it up with a temporary fabric wall. But the point is that the family room, which I had never felt comfortable in was suddenly just right.

Kitty on Toy Hutch

This whole process is amazing, because I couldn’t figure anything out, and suddenly it’s all falling into place. I had to decide to do the pantry in order to figure out the mudroom, which made me figure out the family room. Weird, huh? But totally perfect.

And yet, I couldn’t quite get it in gear to make forward progress. Something wasn’t quite right. I’m coming to believe that my lack of forward progress isn’t really a moral flaw, it’s because I actually know that I haven’t figured it out yet. Because once I am sure about something, I am like a freight train. Nothing stops me. But if I’m not sure, well, then I can’t move even one inch. It’s not that I’m trying to be stubborn, I just can’t commit to it, and if I can’t commit, I can’t engage.

So today we were talking, trying to figure out where to put our home improvement muscle as we approach the holidays. As we kept going ’round and ’round and ’round, we started talking about how Mr. Magpie’s workspace is in the garage, and how cold it is out there in the winter. The garage is insulated, but it’s not at all weather tight and it costs a fortune to heat it. If only we could bring him inside. Hmmmm….


Living Room Clean

Our living room is nice, but nobody uses it. One of the things I want most is for every part of our house to be used. Having a room that just sits there, stagnant, it’s no good.

We had talked about putting his workspace in here before, but rejected it because it would be ugly or messy, but we started talking about it and it’s not at all nuts. I’ve always daydreamed about a house with a study of the entry, why not just do it here? We have some awesome cool pieces of furniture we got from a friend who moved away, and we’ve got some really neat artwork, and now we’re brainstorming this really cool, kind of retro art studio meets gentleman’s study, and it’s like, this is going to WORK.

Tomorrow I’ll take pictures of the furniture we have and the inspiration photo and I’ll show you what we’re up to.

Having our front room look nice for the holidays is going to be a major win for me, even if it’s not specifically a main living space. I’m so excited!

Whaddya think? Would you put a work space in your front room?

~Angela :-)

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  1. Angela, what a huge insight! Congratulations! I think I’m kind of the same way when I start thinking about it. It’s such a great feeling when the light bulb goes on and suddenly a whole new way of thinking/seeing/feeling about something occurs. It can be a room, the whole house, the garden – anything. I’m anxious to see what happens now that things are falling into place.

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