My Dirty Little Secret (aka The Someday Mudroom)

This post, as you will notice, does not have a photo at the top.

This is because even I have limits to how much public humiliation I can take.

So I’m going to show you what’s up with this room, but I kind of have to work up to it.

La la la la la la la…..

Still here?

I guess it’s not going to get any less embarrassing.

Here we go.

So, last summer, as you recall, we hung some fabric up from the ceiling in our family room because we wanted to test the idea of how it would be to have a mudroom and a smaller family room. The family room was awkwardly large before and it never felt cozy. The experiment was a success and I have really loved our family room ever since.

At the time, I shared one little photo of the fabric wall:

Mudroom Construction Area via Cottage Magpie

I wasn’t brave enough to share the view on the other side of the wall, which was this:

Mudroom Construction Area via Cottage Magpie

And, oh, now how I wish I had just shared it then.

Because on Friday, the room looked like THIS:

Mudroom Construction Area via Cottage Magpie

Sweet. Mother. Of. Gravy.

(Note to self: Never hide embarrassing messes because they will multiply like some virus and then be a million times worse.)

On Saturday morning I had decided that enough was enough. It was time to clear that bad boy out and start using it like a real room and not a garbage scow.

I worked on it ALL. DAY. LONG.

And then it looked like this:

Mudroom Construction Area via Cottage Magpie

Here they are side by side:

Mudroom Construction Area via Cottage Magpie

Mudroom Construction Area via Cottage Magpie


Oh my gosh, it’s too much. I need to look at something that’s nicer!

Mudroom Construction Area via Cottage Magpie

Whew. That’s better.

Now. I would like to tell you that I busted some hump and got it done. But, sadly, I did not. I was so discouraged about that I gave up (temporarily, just temporarily), and moved on to funner pastures. Like hanging some plates in my studio and doing a bit of furniture painting. I’ll share the results of those this week.

Meanwhile, I just wanted to share my pain. I will get back in there, but maybe I’ll try doing one box a day or something like that so I don’t get too discouraged by the mountain of stuff.

Do you have one of those “nemesis” rooms in your house?

~Angela :-)

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  1. Do I have a room like that? Oh, girl! My craft room made it to the “My Life and Kids” blog, Messy Craft Room Edition! You should check it out! My daughter took the picture before Christmas thinking it would ‘shame’ me into cleaning it. HA! Fooled her! I was glad she did because I knew I was going to start after Christmas. The difference is, I LOVE every minute of it! It’s almost done, just needs some prettying up. You made a BIG dent in that, though! Since I see some of your craft stuff, I’ll bet you are needing ROOM for it in your new ‘studio’….am I close? Your idea of taking it a bit at a time is good. Just don’t let it get you down! You are AWESOME….with all the room changes you’ve made, your creative sewing………..everything1 Hang in there! I’ll bet there will come a day you can look back on these pics and have a good chuckle!

    • Oh, Dona, I really really hope so!! And yes, you are so right. When I switched offices/studios with Mr. Magpie, I had way more stuff than would fit in my new space. It had to go SOMEwhere, and that was the easiest place for it. So it’s a serious clog of stuff in there. I’m still not sure where it’s all going to go, but I’m determined to find a place for everything or donate it if it doesn’t fit. But yeah, baby steps!!! I keep forgetting that.

      Thanks for the encouragement, Dona, it really helps!!


  2. Barbara H. says:

    You have made progress. And yes, I have two areas that have been defying me for quite some time – 4 if you count my two sheds, neither of which is set up well for use, at least at the present time. So much of it falls into the category of “In order to do this in this room, I have to do that in the small shed / big shed / back porch.” Oops, I forgot about the carport! Sigh. If you are going to put up a wall where the fabric is hanging, you’ll have a big opportunity to create storage closets or shelving. In the meantime, never fear, your brain is working away in the background sorting out options and assessing the inventory for what is useful and what isn’t. Good luck!

    • Thank you, Barbara! I hope so. Yes, we are going to put a proper wall there as soon as we can afford to. So it will be a real mudroom someday. I know it’ll be great when we get it done, but it may be awhile. Meanwhile, though, I do want it to be a functional room!! And then I still have to tackle the back porch, the garage, the shed… I have more, too! 🙂 Somehow they creep up on you, don’t they? I know exactly what you mean, too. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle. “I want to do this, but first I have to do that, and I can’t do this until I do that other thing…” and around it goes.

      The good news for me is that even though I didn’t get as much done in the mudroom as I wanted to, it really spurred me on to get a lot more done in my studio/office, so it turned out well in the end!


  3. Barbara @ DIY Home Staging Tips says:

    Keeping it real! More bloggers should. My own office/studio is crammed with projects, too. I tell myself that it’s the mark of a creative mind.

    I like the idea of testing a remodel by hanging a sheet.

    Don’t worry. You’ll get it all done. Little bites are better than monster gulps.

    • I certainly hope so, Barbara!! I really do want to simplify my life, and streamlining my stuff is a big part of that. Plus now that I’ve told everyone about it, I’ll be more likely to keep working on it instead of just ignoring it for another year! 🙂 I’m hoping to find some ways to corral my projects in my office/studio, too, so even though it will always be crammed with projects, it might be a little more livable! I’ve really noticed how much more I work on and want to work on when my workspace is clear and clean. Thanks for the support! ~Angela~

  4. You are one brave lady! I just don’t share photos of my office/sewing studio. My pride gets in the way! Congratulations for the progress you made. You will get it done – and you’ve inspired me to take baby steps to get mine done!

    • Oh Adrienne, I’m not brave, just willing to be embarrassed! 🙂 Mostly kidding. I really just want to present a realistic picture of what goes on here — it doesn’t help anyone if I make it seem like it’s all pretty sunshine and rainbows! We’ll call it “reality blogging”! Ha! I’m so glad you’re going to do this with me. Baby steps! One box today, okay? I’ll do one box, too. ~Angela~

  5. I have a large living room in my small apartment. I separated the room by backing my couch onto my desk. I am knitter, so do I need to say more. This is where I keep my yarn but not very organized. I was looking for something the other day and you know what happened. As I still work, I plan on spending 30 min a day for 1 week and see how far I can wade through it. It also is a collection place for items I don’t know if I want to keep or not. So yes I have an area like this but hanging a sheet really seems like a cool thing to do. No, I need to clean it up. Will let you know later on how long and if I finish.

    • Mary, what a great idea for carving out a space for your creative work! I think that sounds great! But yes, I totally know what you mean. I quilt more than knit, but I have the same problem — fabric is everywhere! Of course, yarn is everywhere, too… and fiber, and felt, floss, and, and, and… I love your idea of working on it 30 minutes a day. Great idea!! I don’t recommend the sheet, actually — my experience is that it gets worse if you know people can’t see it!! Ha! Although, in an emergency…. Let me know how you do! You and me and Adrienne can all support each other. ~Angela~

  6. I’ve got 3 large rooms which look a lot worse, and nowhere which actually looks nice! So, you’re well ahead of me! Well done for tackling at least part of it!!

    • Thank you, Sabine! I have to admit the “nice” part is pretty new for me, too. This place has been pretty junky for the last few years. But, little bits at a time it does seem to be getting better! ~Angela~

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