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I hope you’ve been enjoying this little series of posts with inspiration photos for my studio. I have. But then, I could spend all day looking at pretty photos of pretty room! (Some would argue that I do… thank you, Pinterest!)

As I finish up the slipcover and the fabric hutch (this week!) I am starting to look at the office wall of my room. I have two closets there with a looooong desk, and I’ve always had some type of inspiration board or another on the wall. I really do love having a place to pin things up. Even though I put most of the things I find on Pinterest these days, there’s nothing like having the real thing there to inspire you.
So this is a collection of pin board ideas I’ve collected on Pinterest. I know, funny, right?

Originally I just had a cork board. I think this is one step better, painting the cork board the same color as the wall:

You could also cover the cork board with linen, like this:

Or easier, just hang the linen straight on the wall:

But I mean, heck, if I’m going to be creative, might as well go all the way.

I could try the crib spring idea:

Or a vintage window:

Then there’s the farm-chic idea of using chicken wire. I love this idea:

This is not the first time I’ve been attracted to the idea of chicken wire on the wall. I also have an inspiration photo that I used for inspiration for Baby Girl’s room. It was the pillows I was focused on, but I do love the chicken wire:

So. Many. Ideas!

Upon reflection, I think that a vintage window or crib spring idea might be cool for the room, that for the long wall behind my desk, I really need something I can cut to fit like cork, fabric or chicken wire.

I LOVE the chicken wire, but I’m worried about functionality. I mostly pin up print outs of photos from the internet, and I just notice that right now when I thumbtack things up, they stay flat so I can see them, but when I clothespin things up (I have a piece of string I can clothespin things to) they curl up so I can’t see them. So, with the chicken wire, I’m concerned that instead of a nice collection of pretty inspiration, I’ll have a curly mess that I can’t see anything of. I suppose I could counter that by clipping each corner instead of the middle. Assuming I can get space for that. Ha.

It would sure look cool, though, wouldn’t it?

Fabric covered cork is probably more sensible, though.

What do you guys think? Do you have pin boards IRL? What are they made of? Would you do something funky even if it wasn’t quite as functional?

Do tell!

~Angela :-)

Inspiration Shelves in Craft Room

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    Thanks Angela and have a great evening (or day depending on when you read this)

  2. Love the cat pic and your creativity ……….


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