Refocusing: My Sewing Studio

Refocusing: My Sewing Studio via

Refocusing: My Sewing Studio via

So, I have a little bit of Decorating ADD. I think you all knew this already. I think I knew this already, but wasn’t quite ready to admit it to myself. But it’s true. Sometimes it’s for practical reasons (can’t afford the next step, can’t logistically do the next step, can’t physically/mentally do the next step, don’t have the skills for the next step). But sometimes it’s just, you know, “OOooh, SHINY!” (This blog is called Cottage Magpie for a reason, people.)

Case in point, my recent obsession with the once-again-large family room (and the new-to-me iron daybed I got to put in it (and the Bohemian quilt I made to put on that)). I mean, yes, it was the right thing to do, and yes, it was a good evolution in our space to open it back up, etc. etc. etc.., but really, I need to not start another project right now. I need to not have half-done rooms all over the house. I mean, really.

Refocusing: My Sewing Studio via

So, I have decided to be disciplined and sensible and finish all the rooms I’ve started and not finished before I do the family room. Which, for the record, is most of them. I do reserve the right to do the occasional fun small project just to keep the motivation going, YKWIM? But with that exception, I am going to try and stick to each room until it is all the way done. (I mean, as much as “all the way” is a thing.)

First up? My studio. You remember the studio? The last thing I shared was the salon wall I did back in February. It’s really my living room, but I’ve commandeered it for crafting, sewing and visiting with crafting & sewing friends. The main sewing area is on that back wall.

Refocusing: My Sewing Studio via

Just to the right is the fireplace I told you about last fall:

Refocusing: My Sewing Studio via

And then opposite of that is the sitting area and the entryway, which is really just part of the living room, but I sort of think of as a separate space:

Refocusing: My Sewing Studio via

The room has been through lots of iterations, but I think this is the one that will stay. The room gets used every day, and that is the best thing I could hope for. Plus, I have a space I can share my passion for sewing with my friends, and that is the bestest best thing I could hope for.

Refocusing: My Sewing Studio via

Refocusing: My Sewing Studio via

Now it’s time to actually finish all the projects so that I can feel good about being in the room, and good about moving on to other things. Onward!

So — here’s question. If you were me, which area would you do first?

  1. The last touch-ups on the sewing wall: the bookcases are still only half painted, and I want to tweak the details a bit
  2. The fireplace: plaster and a mantel like the one I shared in the previous fireplace post.
  3. The sitting area: slipcovers (Eeek! Scary!) pillows, more quilts, trim on the windows, plaster, wainscoting, oh and painting the table.
  4. The entryway: plaster on the walls, wainscoting, trim around doors, maybe even new doors (maybe??), painting my old cabinet there and of course some art on the walls.

Leave your vote in the comments! 🙂

Meanwhile, I have to know. Are you a naturally focused person, or do you skip from thing to thing? And, is there a project you’re avoiding right now?

~Angela :-)

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  1. Barbara H. says:

    Oh, oh, oh! – I had forgotten about that beautiful mantel! Even before I clicked to look back at your plans for the fireplace, I was choosing it to work on. So much easier to choose for you than for me, by the way. It doesn’t do much for the room and it must be in your face taunting you every time you are in there or come through the front door. I’m moving from thing to thing like you – not finishing anything but still, making some good progress on the weeds and decluttering the back porch.

    • Angela says:

      I always figure that even if I’m flitting about, at least there is a general level of improvement happening, right? And if that is what is working for you, keep doing it!! It works for me most of the time. I just am feeling like finishing something for one, for goodness’ sake! 🙂 I am very tempted to jump into the fireplace. It’ll make such a great welcome to anyone coming in the front door. ~Angela~

  2. Eeh Lovey, you are not alone by a long way, I’m sat here trying to motivate myself to carry on making slip covers for the other sofa in our holiday home (large static caravan) I want to sew but I want to sew some quilting. Mr B has decided for me and said quilt now and sew the covers when we come for a 11day break at the end of May. Now how can I argue with that 😉
    On your list, start at the top and work down, I’m also very guilty of starting a job and getting distracted to something else. Whatever you do it will look beautiful as always.

    Peg xx

    • Angela says:

      Aren’t the slipcovers terrifying? I definitely find them to be daunting. I know people do them all the time, and I even have a mental picture of how to do it, but I’m just afraid it will all go horribly wrong and then I’ll have a very expensive mess on my hand! What a good husband to tell you to quilt first. I think I will listen to him, too! Hee hee! ~Angela~

  3. Hi Angela, I just recently found you again and I love your projects. I am the same way, half finished rooms and it is driving me crazy. Since I also have a hard time deciding where to begin to finish, I plan to start with one wall and work my way around the room. I have to start somewhere, if I can’t decide I need to just pick a spot and move forward. Your room actually looks great, it can’t need much!

    • Angela says:

      Hi Kathleen! I’m so glad you came back to visit!! I LOVE the “one wall at a time” method. I’m kind of following that, too!! It’s a way, right? I think that my inclination is to finish the back wall since it’s half done and then go clockwise around. ~Angela~

      • I agree with Kathleen. I like your plan. I can’t wait to watch it all come together.

        • Thank you, Adrienne!! I haven’t been able to do much yet with all the help I’m giving my Mom, but I think we’re getting closer to being able to move forward. Thank you for visiting!! ~Angela~

  4. Mary Truax says:

    Your home is lovely! And so warm and inviting. I also use my living room as my sewing space. I love that you have friends over to craft and sew. I would love to see the fireplace finished. Have fun!

    • Angela says:

      Thank you so much, Mary! I really do love having it as a gathering spot for sewing together with friends. I definitely want to do the fireplace. I have been planning it for ages, it’s time to just do it already. 🙂 ~Angela~

  5. Hmm… I would do the sewing wall touch ups first. Its a totally do-able task that will help you feel motivated to keep going. The other projects are much larger and more daunting (for me, anyway!) I enjoy watching your home evolve. I need to clean out a bunch of stuff so we can finally start living in the square footage that we have, instead of wishing for more. If I’d clean it out, I’m sure it would be sufficient! Good luck to you and please keep sharing your progress! (or just share pretty pictures, lol!)

    • Angela says:

      Sheila, I am with you on the clear out!! I think when we clear stuff out we find that our homes are actually pretty great already and don’t need all that much to work. Even this room was feeling a bit crowded and cramped, and I was lamenting it’s modest size, until I decided to make do with less and opened up the room so much more. But it’s so easy to say and so hard to do, right??? I think you are right — plus, the sewing wall is half done, so in the spirit of this new “finishing things up” mode, I want to FINISH it, then move on to the next thing. Probably the fireplace, because it’s so exciting. ~Angela~

  6. My feeling is to get your own space sorted first as there doesn’t seem too much to do and it will be lovely for you to escape to a ‘completed’ room 🙂 I put the ‘s around completed ’cause I’m forever moving something or other… i think you will know what I mean.
    Me…um…it’s complicated but my studio it’s the most complete… just needs a few tiles put up above the sink but as we’ll use leftovers from the kitchen will have wait.
    Tracey xxx

  7. Trixie Belden!! Those books are the first books to spark my love of reading, back in 4th grade, really taking off in 5th grade. I love your vintage hardcover ones! I earned those instead of an allowance until I had the whole set. Later, after a divorce and my ex’s remarriage, his wife sold them all at a garage sale!! My oldest son was greatly upset by it, and when he was a young teenager, found one at a garage sale and bought it for me, to try to restore my collection. Last year I found the whole set on Etsy at a reasonable price. It had been owned by a girl and had her Benji bookplates inside, which made them even more special to me. Still, I will always treasure most the one my son got for me. Sorry for the long story – I found you through An Oregon Cottage – I’m in Oregon, too – it’s always fun to check out other Oregonian bloggers! I, too, am trying to do the one wall at a time – until I get distracted, heehee. Your home is looking wonderful, and I am so extra happy to have found your blog just before embarking on a couple of quilts (starch!!!!!), I always despair of getting them properly squared up (can I add a few more – !!!!!!!), now I’m excited to get started! Thanks!

    • Michelle! I’m so glad you made your way here to visit!! Sorry to take soooo long to reply to comments — I have been helping my Mom with some big projects and that has consumed my life!! But I am very excited to get back to it and to come and visit you. You’ll have to email me and tell me what part of Oregon you are in. I love meeting other Oregon bloggers! 🙂 I love the one wall at a time approach, though I have such a hard time sticking with it!! Meanwhile, OMG! I can’t believe your ex let his wife sell your vintage books! ARGH!!! I haven’t had a chance to read my Trixie Belden yet, so I actually don’t know what they’re like. I just thought they were so charming. I will have to move them up my priority list after your story. What a great story!! Thanks again for coming by. ~Angela~

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