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Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

Cottage style is known for its light and airy quality, but cottage can also be luxurious, as in this bedroom designed by Jennifer from The Old Painted Cottage.

Jennifer’s room uses an elegant, nearly monochromatic palette of taupes and creams, with just a hint of pink. Built around the soft taupe walls, in this case, “Antique Bone” by Ralph Lauren, Jennifer’s room is like a sumptuous French hotel.

Jennifer’s home has been featured in Romantic Country with good reason. She has a gorgeous home, full of French and shabby country style. Her bedroom is a more romantic, textural space, and when I talked to her about how she made her color choices, this is what she had to say:

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

What was the inspiration for the room color?
The color was inspired by a bolt of fabric. Seriously. That fabric that I used on the headboard, it served as my color palette for the entire room. I had found the bolt at a flea market and it instantly struck me.

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

You have a very distinct style–how would you describe it?
My style in general is romantic cottage. However, for my bedroom I wanted it to feel like a luxurious French hotel room. I always dreamed of having a glamorous bedroom.

Which came first, the wall color or the other elements?
It began with the fabric for the headboard, then the wall color next, and then everything else fell into place. I used champagne colored silk curtains and bedding. Cream colored faux fur pillows and a white flokati rug. This room is all about texture, luxurious fabrics and materials.

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

Once you knew you were going to go with taupe, how did you decide on this particular shade?
Sounds funny, but I really didn’t have any plans for this color until I spotted that bolt of fabric at the flea market. Impulsive, huh?

What do you love most about the room?

I love that every time I enter my bedroom, I feel like I’m entering a glamorous hotel room, even though it’s just 5 steps away from my office.

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

That headboard is fantastic! How did you make it?
It was originally a mantle, and it was the true begining of the entire “room project”. I’d found it on the side of someone’s house and paid $100 for it. It was solid black and very plain. The second I spotted it, I knew it would make a great headboard. I used 4 coats of creamy white paint, added tons of rose /cherub appliques, and I made the tufted insert by hand, and then voila!

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

How did you do the words above the headboard?
That’s vinyl wall lettering! I saw the phrase in a store once, and it always stayed with me.

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

Where did you find the hanging bedside chandeliers?
They are circa 1930’s and I found them at a flea market.

What a luxurious, beautiful, romantic, glamorous room. I’m not sure that I’d have the willpower to get out of bed each morning in a room this sumptuous. What a treat to see. Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing it with us!

~Angela :-)

Jen ~ Old Painted Cottage
About The Designer
Jennifer is an antiques collector and dealer, in the business for over 10 years. She started out selling at flea markets and selling eBay, then started her own website in 2006, which has been very successful. Her blog is like a personal journal for her to share her antiquing journeys and triumphs, neat decorating ideas, funny stories and personal family life. It has allowed her customers to get to know her on a more personal level; “the girl behind the website,” and it has opened up many new friendships. You can find Jen at her website, The Old Painted Cottage, or at her blog, also titled The Old Painted Cottage. Photos in this article are Copyright ©2007 Jennifer ~ The Old Painted Cottage and are used by permission.

French Country Master Bedroom

Dear Angela: Emily's Bedroom
Earlier today, a reader and bloggy friend Emily from Remodeling This Life, sent me an e-mail, asking for help with her bedroom. Of course, I have ideas. I have lots of ideas. I can’t promise that the ideas are good ideas, but there are plenty of them. So, I was rattling off these ideas in e-mail when it occurred to me that a picture might be better.
And then it occurred to me that you all might be interested in seeing what I came up with and Emily might appreciate getting suggestions from people other than just me. So with Emily’s very kind permission, here’s how it all went:
Emilys Bedroom Before
Emily’s bedroom, as it is now.

Dear Angela,
I got the red and white toile bedding I wanted for Christmas, but I am having a total creative decorating block. I am actually thinking of attempting a big monogram above the bed like this. I’d never pay for it but I don’t see why I can’t attempt to do it myself.
I’d love any suggestions as I really just don’t know what to do with my walls, lamps, valances, etc… to finish off the room. I think I’m just worn out and sluggish from the holidays and don’t have the energy for it right now.
And remember, I’m frugal!

Emilys Bedroom After
Emily’s bedroom, after Photoshop

Dear Emily,
I LOVE your bedding! And I love your frugality. I think that your bedroom has such a beautiful color and nice bones that I think you just need some curtains and a few accessories to finish it off.
First I would suggest centering your bed between the windows. I think the monogram is a fantastic idea–you could even do it with a $1.00 bottle of craft paint. If it doesn’t turn out, paint it out and get some cute plates at the thrift store.
For curtains, I think a French-inspired ticking stripe. with a simple valance or soft roman shade is the trick, and I would hang them as high as you can get them. On the bed, I would add a couple of big cream or white euros and a red floral rectangular pillow in front. Maybe a matlasse spread folded across the bottom.
Then, you just need some accessories on the side tables, all of which you could find at a thrift store. Maybe a short stack of books, a vintage clock or a bud vase with flowers or foliage from the yard.
I’ve made a picture that kind of conveys what I mean (sans accessories). It’s rough, but it gives the idea. What do you think?
~Angela :-)