5 Pretty Pink Craft Rooms

5 Pretty Pink Craft Rooms via cottagemagpie.com

5 Pretty Pink Craft Rooms via cottagemagpie.com

I can’t help myself. When I see a pretty, pink crafting or creating space, I just want to reach out and hug it and breathe it in and make it mine. My home is shared with others, and my husband and son are not wild about pink or frills or lace or ribbons. But in my studio, I am free to create whatever dreams I wish, and in my case, pink and pretty is what I wish for.

In creating my own studio, I have collected up loads of romantic things. I have a pile of pillows and linens and an adorable Hopeless Romantic sign I won in a giveaway from The OC Cottage (above). Now I can create a space to keep them in!!

To get me started, I’ve collected five inspiration pictures of the prettiest, pinkest craft rooms I could find. They’re all from my Pinterest Craft Studio Ideas board. But if you want to pin them, please go to the original source and pin from there, so that the creator of each beautiful space can get the credit.

Pretty Pink Craft Room via thefancyfarmgirl.com(The Fancy Farmgirl)

Pretty Pink Craft Room via flickr.com(Amor Designs – Flickr)

Pretty Pink Craft Room via heatherbailey.typepad.com(Heather Bailey)

Pretty Pink Craft Room via flickr.com(Maureen Mae Jewelry – Flickr)

Pretty Pink Craft Room via rosehip.typepad.com(Rose Hip)

What do you think? Do you have a crafting space? Are you a fan of pink or do you prefer some other color palette for your creative space?

~Angela :-)

Photos are the property of their respective owners and are used by permission.

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Luxurious Vintage Glamour

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

Cottage style is known for its light and airy quality, but cottage can also be luxurious, as in this bedroom designed by Jennifer from The Old Painted Cottage.

Jennifer’s room uses an elegant, nearly monochromatic palette of taupes and creams, with just a hint of pink. Built around the soft taupe walls, in this case, “Antique Bone” by Ralph Lauren, Jennifer’s room is like a sumptuous French hotel.

Jennifer’s home has been featured in Romantic Country with good reason. She has a gorgeous home, full of French and shabby country style. Her bedroom is a more romantic, textural space, and when I talked to her about how she made her color choices, this is what she had to say:

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

What was the inspiration for the room color?
The color was inspired by a bolt of fabric. Seriously. That fabric that I used on the headboard, it served as my color palette for the entire room. I had found the bolt at a flea market and it instantly struck me.

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

You have a very distinct style–how would you describe it?
My style in general is romantic cottage. However, for my bedroom I wanted it to feel like a luxurious French hotel room. I always dreamed of having a glamorous bedroom.

Which came first, the wall color or the other elements?
It began with the fabric for the headboard, then the wall color next, and then everything else fell into place. I used champagne colored silk curtains and bedding. Cream colored faux fur pillows and a white flokati rug. This room is all about texture, luxurious fabrics and materials.

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

Once you knew you were going to go with taupe, how did you decide on this particular shade?
Sounds funny, but I really didn’t have any plans for this color until I spotted that bolt of fabric at the flea market. Impulsive, huh?

What do you love most about the room?

I love that every time I enter my bedroom, I feel like I’m entering a glamorous hotel room, even though it’s just 5 steps away from my office.

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

That headboard is fantastic! How did you make it?
It was originally a mantle, and it was the true begining of the entire “room project”. I’d found it on the side of someone’s house and paid $100 for it. It was solid black and very plain. The second I spotted it, I knew it would make a great headboard. I used 4 coats of creamy white paint, added tons of rose /cherub appliques, and I made the tufted insert by hand, and then voila!

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

How did you do the words above the headboard?
That’s vinyl wall lettering! I saw the phrase in a store once, and it always stayed with me.

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

Where did you find the hanging bedside chandeliers?
They are circa 1930’s and I found them at a flea market.

What a luxurious, beautiful, romantic, glamorous room. I’m not sure that I’d have the willpower to get out of bed each morning in a room this sumptuous. What a treat to see. Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing it with us!

~Angela :-)

Jen ~ Old Painted Cottage
About The Designer
Jennifer is an antiques collector and dealer, in the business for over 10 years. She started out selling at flea markets and selling eBay, then started her own website in 2006, which has been very successful. Her blog is like a personal journal for her to share her antiquing journeys and triumphs, neat decorating ideas, funny stories and personal family life. It has allowed her customers to get to know her on a more personal level; “the girl behind the website,” and it has opened up many new friendships. You can find Jen at her website, The Old Painted Cottage, or at her blog, also titled The Old Painted Cottage. Photos in this article are Copyright ©2007 Jennifer ~ The Old Painted Cottage and are used by permission.

Shabby Sunny French Cottage

Pretty Yellow Dining Room

Aside from white, yellow is one of the most often used cottage wall colors. It can be bright and cheery, warm and cozy, or as in this gorgeous dining room designed by Cindy of My Romantic Home, pretty and romantic.

Cindy’s room uses a classic palette of yellow and blue, which is often associated with Provincal decorating. But with a softer, creamy yellow, in this case, “Havana Cream” by Behr, and lots of white, Cindy’s room is a romantic cottage dining room to die for.

Pretty Yellow Dining Room

This is even more impressive when you learn that almost everything in Cindy’s house has been bought at garage sales, flea markets and thrift shops. By having an unerring taste and a lovely sense of style, Cindy has created the romantic dining room of my dreams. When I talked to her about how she made her color choices, this is what she had to say:

Pretty Yellow Dining Room

Pretty Yellow Dining Room

What, if anything, inspired you in choosing colors for the room?
My inspiration came mostly from reading a lot of decorating magazines. I’ve always been drawn to blue and white decor with yellow walls. I think they just go together so well.

How would you describe the style of the room?
I love Shabby Chic, French, and English decorating and I think my home is a combination of all of those. I buy what I love and it all seems to work well together.

Did you pick the wall color first or the other elements first?
I’ve been decorating with blue and white for almost 20 years so I had most of the elements first. For years I’ve lived in apartments where I wasn’t allowed to paint the walls. This is the first place that allowed me to paint and I knew before I even moved in that I was going to paint it yellow.

Pretty Yellow Dining Room

Once you knew you were going to choose yellow, how did you pick this particular paint color?
I heard on a decorating show, I believe it was The Christopher Lowell Show, that you should pick a shade of yellow that is about 2 or 3 shades lighter than what you think you want. Also you should chose a yellow more towards the orange side of the color wheel than the green side. If you look at the paint chips in the store you will see that yellow is sandwiched between the orange and green…go more towards the orange.

Did you test colors?
I bought a quart of the yellow I thought would work out well and painted one wall. I was shocked that it looked like highlighter yellow. It was so bright and GLOWING! I went back to the store and lucked out with my second choice. I think yellow is the hardest color to get right!

Pretty Yellow Dining Room

The room is just so lovely, not just the color, but everything in it. Where did you find all of those gorgeous things on a budget?
I found the chandelier at a garage sale for $25 and I rewired it myself. The hutch I found on Craigslist, the table was a hand-me-down from my parents and the chairs, believe it or not, I found on the curb in my neighborhood.

So many great tips! Fortunately for us all, Cindy publishes all of her finds and projects on her blog so we can all learn her best secrets. I am constantly inspired by Cindy’s decorating, and I hope you are, too!

~Angela :-)

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home
About The Designer
Cindy is a single mom with a son in college and a daughter in high school. She has always enjoyed decorating but have been limited by her budget. In order to have the beautiful home she desired she has learned that it’s possible to decorate with items from thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets, and discount stores. She recommends being creative and leting it evolve over time. You can find Cindy at her blog, My Romantic Home. Photos in this article are Copyright ©2008 Cindy ~ My Romantic Home and are used by permission.

Fresh & Charming, Green & White

Light Green Living Room

Pale green walls are a classic choice for a cottage room. They can be nostalgic, edgy or everything in between. Paired with white, as in this airy room designed by Kim Niesz of Niesz Vintage Home, they are both fresh and charming.

Light Green Living Room

Kim’s room is built on the base of the pretty pale green wall color, in this case, “Sea Drops,” by Glidden. With white and the additions of pink and yellow, it is a sweet combination reminiscent of 1930’s quilts.

Light Green Living Room

What Kim does brilliantly here is give this classic updated flair by pairing it with a modern blue and brown color scheme and adding unusual accessories and contemporary prints such as this crystal pendant lamp and the graphic blue and white curtains.

Overall, Kim has put together a room that is fresh yet welcoming, cozy yet stylish. When I talked to her about how she made her color choices, this is what she had to say:

Light Green Living Room

What, if anything, inspired you to choose green for the room?
I have always considered green like a neutral. Love it. It seems to be the one color that creeps into every room in the house.

Light Green Living Room

Did you consider any other colors before choosing this one?
Last year, before the housing market tanked, we were looking to sell this house, so I wanted to make the color scheme as neutral as possible. I choose a basic tan for the living and dining room. It was even called “Practical Tan.” Well, after living with that color for two months, I was ready to throw myself under a bus. It was so depressing. I like tan walls in other homes, but I just couldn’t live with it. It just seemed so drab. I needed something different. I wanted a fresh, clear green…nothing muted. I knew I would be using an ocean blue with it, so Sea Drops sounded like a good choice. At first, my husband thought it might be a little too pastel, but I really liked it. I think it allows the other colors to stand out. I love how the bright yellow of the vintage pillow adds a pop against the cool green.

Light Green Living Room

Once you knew you were going to choose green, how did you pick this particular paint color?
I brought home many, many paint chips. I usually buy small pints or samples of several colors to see what they’ll look like at different times of day, but I don’t think I did that with this one. We painted the room, I liked it, and I was done. Of course, after the depressing tan, I think I would have welcomed just about any color!

All of your decor in here is so charming. Where did you find everything?
The couch and chair are from the Jaclyn Smith Home collection at Furniture Fair. The coffee table was a sale item from Value City furniture 15 yrs ago! It has been dark green, red, and now cottage white (how’s that for stretching a dollar)? The crystal pendant is a recent find from the mall. Pillows are vintage fabrics from my collection paired with a green fabric by Waverly ($1.00/yard on clearance). The armoire is from my Grandma’s attic. The windows are from an antique store in Brown county many years ago. The yo-yo quilt was a gift from my mother-in-law. And the best part, the drapes: I made them myself using the most wonderful linen fabric. It’s a lovely ocean blue damask print linen by Chris Stone. I found it at Hobby Lobby on sale. Still expensive, but worth it.

There you have it. A charming, updated cottage classic. I hope you love it as much as I do!

~Angela :-)

Kim Niesz
About The Designer
Kimberly Niesz is a vintage fabric collector and dealer who creates a comfortable space in her tiny home by incorporating pieces of the past in new ways. Her business, Niesz Vintage Fabric specializes in unused vintage fabrics (barkcloth, chintz, and quilting cottons) from the 1930’s-1960’s, but also carries vintage linens, feedsacks, trims, buttons, and curtains. You can find her at her shop, Niesz Vintage Fabric or at her blog, Niesz Vintage Home. Photos in this article are Copyright ©2008 Kimberly Niesz and are used by permission.

Driving By Houses

Driving By Houses

A brief note before I begin. THANK YOU, everyone for your awesome support. Between being sick (again!) and thinking my entire blog was lost forever, I had a tough week! All of your enthusiasm for the pink challenge and your wonderful warm thoughts were so appreciated. Thank you! Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Recently, the very talented Jennifer at The Old Painted Cottage posted about her habit of driving by houses. I was so excited to read this. I thought I was the only one who did this! So I talked to her about doing a tag-along post and she encouraged me to go ahead. Who knows, maybe we’ll start a trend! 🙂

Here’s some of the houses I like to drive by. (Note that I have blurred or removed house numbers in all of these photos.)

House 1

I prefer old houses to new, but this house has an old-fashioned feel and is on acreage in the hills. If I were looking, this would be waaaaay out of my price range, but a girl can dream!

House 2

I’m on a big Cape Cod kick right now, so this house is currently on my “heavy rotation list.” Interestingly, I’m not sure this is vintage…there’s just something about it that seems newer (1970’s?). Opinons?

House 3

At the more humble end of the spectrum is this cutie in town. It’s just a tiny little bungalow, but it has the most adorable collection of shingles, and that diamond window is too cute. Simple but charming.

House 4

Another Cape Cod, this one on a street full of cute houses with gorgeous summer gardens. Love that sunroom to the left. And the brick steps and walkway are so cute!

House 5

This house is small and simple, yet has a lovely elegance and welcoming feel. I think it’s partly the colors: the sage green, white and dark blue/black. And I adore weeping birches. Definitely my favorite tree.

House 6

Overflowing cottage style gardens always catch my attention, no matter what the house is like. This old house is charming, of course, but the garden! Picket fence, vines, roses…what more could you ask for?

House 7

Another picture from last summer, this is also another Cape Cod. I love neat iron hardware on the front door and the charming shady garden. I can just imagine it as a cool retreat on a hot summer day.

What about you? What houses do you drive by? If you post any on your blog, make sure you leave a note on Jennifer’s post. If you haven’t already discovered The Old Painted Cottage, you are in for a treat! Jennifer’s blog, site and “Cottage of the Month” feature will give you hours and hours of eye candy that you don’t want to miss!

Update: I’ve also since found out that the very genius talent Melissa at The Inspired Room had also posted about this previously, including some gorgeous photos of houses in the best of best neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon. Make sure you visit her post, too!

~Angela :-)

Craft Room: Cottage Style Ideas From IKEA

Craft Room: Cottage Style Ideas From IKEA
This weekend, at IKEA I was struck by this craft room display. It’s highly efficient, yet very charming. I also noticed that three primary elements match what I tend to like in my own studios. Do all successful creative work spaces include these?

Craft Room Cabinets
1. Counter-Height Work Space
For projects or tasks suited to standing up: cutting, designing, ironing, wrapping or similar. Here, standard kitchen cabinetry is topped with butcher block and backed with easy-access wall-mounted storage for crafting tools.

Craft Room Cabinets
To the right, an upper bank of glass-front cabinets provides a combination of display and storage, while under-cabinet lights add task lighting. Every space is used, including wall-mounted poles for ribbons and papers.

Craft Desk
2. Desk
This is most commonly a computer desk, though it could also be a drafting or writing desk. Though charming, regular tables are too tall (about 30″) for ergonomic comfort. Modern desks are usually in the 27″-29″ range. Here, the desk also uses a very small footprint, leaving space for a bookshelf.

Craft Table
3. Table-Height Work Surface
For tasks suited to sitting: studying, gluing, sewing or similar. Some forgo this space for additional countertop, but I prefer to have both, as sitting gives me added control over certain tasks like sewing. Here, a dining table and chandelier create a lovely spot to review the latest magazines, have meetings, or just craft with a family member.

My own studio space could use some improvement. I have had only two surfaces: a table on blocks for counter-height and a regular table for dual duty computer desk and sewing. Neither is ideal, and the desk table is taking up too much room. I also have no bookshelves (the shelves above my desk/table aren’t rated for books). Now that I am adding cabinetry, I can remedy this. And, naturally, I would love a chandelier. I’d like to have one in every room of my home!
What about you? What does your creative space look like? What works best about it, and what would you improve? If you have pictures on your blog, include a link so we can all see!
~Angela :-)

Dear Angela: Can My Garden Shed Be Cottage-y?

Dear Angela: Can My Garden Shed Be Cottage-y? via cottagemagpie.com

Dear Angela: Can My Garden Shed Be Cottage-y? via cottagemagpie.com

Today’s “Dear Angela” letter comes from yours truly. I have been longing for summer and longing for my old English Cottage garden, and have been really struggling with how to make an impact this season since we have so much to do in the new garden. So I decided to ask myself how I might turn a neglected corner of my backyard into a cottage garden I can love. Here’s what I said:

Dear Angela,

I moved to a new home this summer, and I have set aside a back corner of the garden for a romantic cottage-style garden, but I am having trouble envisioning what I might do or how it might look. Especially with that ugly shed in the middle of it all. [Read more…]

Dining Room: Cottage Style Ideas From IKEA

Dining Room: Cottage Style Ideas From IKEA
IKEA has always been heavily weighted toward modern & contemporary styles, but they’ve always had a good selection of more traditional / cottage-style items as well. Recently, my local IKEA featured this charming dining room display. Just lovely.
IKEA Dining Room
The the white cabinetry with the glass fronts is classic cottage, giving the look of a big vintage apothecary cabinet. However, this look is all stock kitchen cabinetry. The pine gate leg harvest table is paired with white canvas slip-covered parson’s chairs, a classic pairing. Then the room is accessorized with a sparkling chandelier and scalloped white dishes. White flowers in an elegant vase cap off the display.
All of the elements here are among my favorites. Any room that combines white cabinetry, harvest table, chandelier, white stoneware and flowers is going to exude cottage style.
~Angela :-)