The Current State of the Entryway

Front Entryway via Cottage Magpie

Front Entryway via Cottage Magpie

Now that I’ve moved my office and craft room into the front room of our house (formerly the living room), I can’t help but start eyeballing the entryway as ripe for a project. But that’s because I set and look at it most of the day. In my old office, my computer was in the closet, so I faced the wall when I worked and never really saw anything. Now I sit facing the room (much nicer, by the way) at my work table, and I face the entryway.

Strictly speaking, it’s not a “real” entryway. When you come into our home you come into the front room. But it does feel like it’s own space. In my dreams I have a a house with a proper entry hall and French doors that lead to an office overlooking the front garden. With my office in the front room, this house is almost like that, except that I couldn’t build a wall between me and the entry to put French doors in because it would chop the fireplace in half. I’ve mentioned before that the fireplace is half in the entryway, and it’s no joke! You can just see it here on the right edge as I look back toward the front door.

Front Entryway via Cottage Magpie

At any rate, as I showed you the other day, at the moment my front-room-turned-office-craft-room looks like this:

Front Entryway via Cottage Magpie

And this is what I see when I look up from my computer (or sewing machine):

Front Entryway via Cottage Magpie

It’s not surprising that I have been plotting a makeover of this space. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with it. I mean, other than being sort of empty after having the Christmas decorations taken down, it’s fine. But it’s not me. I need color and interest and vintage and did I mention color?

I probably will restrain myself for now, since so much of the rest of the house is still under construction, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

It’s possible that my plans involve doing something drastic to this vintage (antique??) cabinet Mr. Magpie found at the thrift store. Juuuuuust maybe.

Front Entryway via Cottage Magpie

What about you? Do you have a project you know you should do but really want to?

~Angela :-)

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  1. Oooooh, yeah! that area looks like a project in the making! But your pics bring up 2 questions…..1-Did you move the antique sewing machine for your pictures? Or are you one lucky dog that has TWO of them??? 2-Where your fireplace is…..does that make it on an INSIDE wall?? Oh, and another comment…aren’t you the lucky one to have a hubby who finds things for you at thrift stores? That’s all!

    • Hi Dona! Yes, I am totally lucky, I have to admit that. Mr. Magpie finds stuff at the thrift stores all the time. We have to watch it, though, because even the best deal is still money! It’s hard to leave it behind but it’s heck on the budget to bring it all home. Yes, my fireplace is on an inside wall. It is a huge column of faux stone that goes up through the middle of the house. You can see the back of it on some of the dining room posts (I’ve covered the back of it with plaster and will be doing the front eventually as well). It used to have a planter attached to the side as well that completely blocked the way, but I tore that out a year or so ago. As for the sewing machines, I do have two of them. I didn’t style these pictures at all — it’s just what happened to be here at the moment! The one on the antique cabinet is a Singer with cold designs on it (you can see it better on my early summer mantel post from last year), and the one on the hearth is an old white with scrollwork all over it. I love them both. They are not functional, but they’re very pretty. I’d love to have one that actually works someday! Let me know if you have more questions! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by! ~Angela~

  2. I have an entry that opens right into my living room, too, but my living room is quite small. Plus, it’s a pass-through to get to everything else in my house. For the moment I’ve created a bit of an entry feel with the placement of furniture but I dream, too, of a real entry way someday. You could put an open shelf unit beside your door and fill it with pretty things you could see from both side. Maybe that would be the closest thing to French doors! Yes, I’ve had a project that I have put off because I didn’t want to do it. My sweetheart is doing it today! He’s painting the old sixties-vintage birch trim around the living room window and the front door. We’ve been painting as we redo each room but that room didn’t get done. Now we’re getting ready for a celebration for my dear, little mother’s nintieth birthday. Here. Of course the trim MUST be painted! Along with a bunch of other things – like the cabinet and window trim in the main bathroom. That has been put off for a few years. Now, with people coming here, we’re getting it done. I may have to schedule a party here every month until all the projects are done!

    • Adrienne, you’re a genius. I actually have some really old French doors that I could build into a freestanding shelf/screen type thing and put in here. You’re brilliant!!! Thank you! 🙂

      Ooh, it’s so exciting to get trim painted. It’s one of those jobs that gets put off and put off because it’s not a really fun job, but it makes such a huge difference! It doesn’t seem like it would but it really does. I hope your mother’s birthday is lovely! I know your house will look lovely. And *definitely* schedule social gatherings. It works for us, too! 🙂


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