The Truth About Snow Globes

Christmas Snow Globe Collection via Cottage Magpie

Rag Doll Snow Globe via Cottage Magpie

Sometimes I get this urge to share how… different I am from when I started this blog six years ago. But there’s just too much to fit in a blog post. I wish I could just have you all over for cupcakes and tea and sit around in my little studio space and pour out all of my heart to you. It feels like that, sometimes, on a blog. It’s weird how something so public can feel so intimate.

For now, can I tell you? I have a new collection of thrifted snow globes. They have teddy bears in them (bears!), and rag dolls, and snowmen, and Santa Clauses, and I love them. They make me giggle with happiness. I am sure this is unremarkable to you (or crazy), but to me it’s like a newly planted flag in undiscovered territory. I have never owned snow globes before, EVER. Or Christmas PJ’s, or whirligigs, or a Christmas quilt, or any of the other things that I am finding & making this season that fill me with joy. Why? Because I believed the critical voice inside that said they were too cutesy or too tacky or not stylish or sophisticated or any of the other things that I thought I had to be in order to be a person of worth. Because I did not believe that the person I am, my true authentic self, was a person of worth.

So for me, to have these things, to feel such joy this Christmas… it’s like magic. It is. I can’t stop talking about it. I can’t stop reveling in it.

Teddy Bear Christmas Snow Globe via Cottage Magpie

Santa Christmas Snow Globes via Cottage Magpie

Nativity Christmas Snow Globe via Cottage Magpie

Snowing Christmas Snow Globe via Cottage Magpie

I know it seems trite, or silly, or lame, to be amazed by something that so many people take for granted as being so simple. And I apologize in advance for the outpouring of happiness and gushing that’s happening here, because I know for some people this is a painful season. But if you have ever been lost, not knowing who you really were, you will understand how precious it is to me to finally know.

What about you? Do you know who you are?

Much love, my friends,

~Angela :-)

This post is part of my Christmas Parade series of Christmas blog posts for 2012. To see the entire post schedule and all the linky parties and other fun, check out the Christmas Parade Welcome.

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  1. Hi Angela, Thank you for your inspiring words. I was in a store with my Mother In Law the other day, and was looking at snow globes. I picked each one up, and turned it upside down and felt awe as it snowed inside the globe. I definitely felt happy, more festive, as I made each one snow. I am still discovering what the holidays mean to me, and the feelings I would like to inspire, memories and traditions I would like to create with my family. I love that you started listening to your heart, and you discovered the joy of snow globes, and am happy you are having a wonderful holiday season.

    • Thank you, Jillian! I think the holidays can be a real minefield een for the most well-adjusted person, and when you come into them with a ton of baggage like me, it’s really hard to sort out how you really feel. Many blessings to you on your own journey! xo, ~Angela~

  2. I LOVE your collection of snow globes – especially as they are thrifted and you are giving them a new lease of life and love.

    My Christmas collection (obsession) is of nativities!

    • Thank you Janmary! I am hoping to find some more before the season is over. Thrifted is totally the way to go! I love nativities, too — in fact one of my snowglobes is also a nativity and has a little merry-go-round part that turns when the music box goes. It plays “Silent Night” Thanks for visiting! ~Angela~

  3. It took me a while to know who I am, but every once in a while I forget! Enjoy your snow globes!


    • Thank you, Claudia. It’s been a very long journey for me as well, and I still have plenty of work to do (and to keep remembering, like you), but it’s so nice to be at least somewhat **there**. Thanks for stopping by. ~Angela~

  4. Angela!
    How wonderful and awesome that you wrote this. A thousand cheers for being yourself. I too have had to teach myself how to not be embarrassed by what i enjoy. Life is beautiful; take it all in. Reading this just lifted my spirits like you wouldn’t believe.

    Thanks and love and Merry Christmas!


    • Oh, Steve, your comment made my day. For me to share things like that is so new that I was really unsure how it would land. It’s nice to know that it landed well with someone that I care about! Love to you and your family, too! ~Angela~

  5. What a great collection of snow globes! I think this might be the solution for keeping my cats from playing with all my Christmas vignettes!
    Blessings and A very Merry Christmas!
    Carolynn >^^<

    • Thank you Carloynn! It’s true, the cat hasn’t **quiet** figured out how to knock these around. I’m sure she’s working on it, though. Ha. ~Angela~

  6. Love this post Angela! Snow globes have something very magical about them! And I love your be true to yourself mentality…it’s what makes each home unique and special!

    • Thanks, Ashley. I have to say that your posts over the year about being true to yourself have been very inspiring to me. Thank you for being you! ~Angela~

  7. Hi Angela
    I’m spending a little time today catching up on some of my first blogging friends. I’ll always remember when I had only been blogging for a short while and you sent me a present! I haven’t been blogging for quite awhile but am starting back again.
    I love your new found interest in snow globes. It is so good just to like what we want and not think about some fictitious “style police”
    I hope the next year is good to you.
    ((Hugs)) Rhondi

    • Rhondi!!!!! It’s been ages. I now how it goes — life sort of takes over sometimes! Mine sure does. I’m glad you’re back. I’m going to pop over and visit right now! Merry Christmas!!! ~Angela~

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