Thrifty Progress on the Workshop “Wall” (My Vintage Lamp)

The Workshop So Far via Cottage Magpie

The Workshop So Far via Cottage Magpie

So there’s this one part of my workshop that all the projects lately have been for. It’s the back wall where Mr. Magpie converted the shelves into built-ins and put up the wainscoting. (For the record, we did photograph all of the how to’s on that, so I’ll post them eventually!).

It all started a couple of weekends ago when I just couldn’t face the mudroom anymore. I had a box of dishes and needed somewhere to put them, so I just started hanging them up. That was the first project, the plate wall. Then I made over the radio cabinet for storage and added the vintage-style sign letter, just for fun. I also made a new ironing surface (tutorial to come).

You’ve seen those projects already, so you’ll recognize them in this picture:

The Workshop So Far via Cottage Magpie

With that all done, I knew I wanted a better lamp. I had a little lamp that was from my old office on the right side of the table there. It was cute, but kind of short and small. Plus it had been knocked over one too many times so it was kind of getting a little wobbly. I wandered into Mr. Magpie’s office and mentioned that I needed a bigger lamp, and he said that he had seen one I might like at the Goodwill just that morning. So off he went, and came home with my new lamp!

The Workshop So Far via Cottage Magpie

It’s white glass with some kind of textured painted design on the front. I love it. I’m going to Rub-n-Buff the hardware at some point to be a dark metal, and I’d like to get a barrel shade instead of the flared one that came with it. But for $8, I am so not complaining!

The Workshop So Far via Cottage Magpie

Anyway, this little tiny part of my workshop is starting to look kind of cute, so I thought I’d show you a slightly bigger picture or two.

The Workshop So Far via Cottage Magpie

The Workshop So Far via Cottage Magpie

I have a couple of little projects to go yet, a cover for the ironing surface and maybe a something colorful on the wainscoting. But the big project is that I want to build a new console table using these newel posts I found at ReStore a couple of years ago. Like so many of my finds, they’ve been stuffed in the shed all this time. But guess what? It’s their turn!!

I hope you have a great weekend.

~Angela :-)

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the way your workshop is coming together. Oh, please share the tutorial for your ironing surface soon. I’m about to embark on redoing my office/sewing studio. It’s tiny and I can’t wait to make it a wonderful place to work. We moved everything out for our grandkids to move in for a few months. Now that they are in their new home we’ve just moved things back into my room and all but closed the door! After the new few days of celebrating my dear, little mother’s ninetieth birthday I can start thinking about this room. You are an inspiration, my friend!

    P.S. – Love, love, love your new lamp!

    • Oh, thank you, Adrienne, that’s so sweet!! I promise I’ll write the ironing surface information up next! 🙂 That’s so exciting that you’re redoing your studio! I can’t wait to see how it comes together. Happy Birthday to your Mom!!! ~Angela~

  2. Barbara H. says:

    Isn’t it fun to move things out of boxes or “storage”? Finding a home for them is always rewarding. And have that box gone or storage space freed up is a great feeling. Like the lamp! Good job.

    • Thank you, Barbara! Yes, I love it. I am having great fun finding places for things and also seeing that pile in the someday mudroom get smaller. Even the little bit that’s done so far has felt like such a relief! ~Angela~

  3. This really looks great! And Mr M just ran out and got you that lamp? He’s a prince! And the lamp is beautiful….he’s not only a prince, he’s got good taste! Can’t wait to hear more about the ‘ironing surface’…..I’m intrigued! Have a great day! Dona

    • Hehehe – Yep, Dona, he did. But then, you have to understand, pretty much any excuse to go shopping, especially at junk or thrift stores, he’s on it. My man LOVES to shop, and he especially loves to shop for junk!! He loves it more than I do! Kinda hit the jackpot on that one. I promise I’ll write up the ironing surface next! Thanks for stopping by! ~Angela~

  4. Angela, your work space is beautiful. I love all the things you’ve done. What a wonderful place to create.

    • Thank you, Mary! I’m sure you’ve noticed the plate wall — wonder where I got *that* idea from (hahahaha). I’m hoping I can make some big strides this weekend and maybe even tackle some of the remaining painting! ~Angela~

  5. Angela,
    Your work space is coming out so nicely. I love love that skirted cabinet you redid. Adorable. You have inspired me to maybe do a plate collection in my dining room. Love that look.

    • Thanks, Kris! You have to give credit to Mary from At Home on the Bay — she’s where I first saw the plate wall. I just love plates! I have to restrain myself from hanging them everywhere! ~Angela~

  6. You are an inspiration. I have been working slowly on my office/computer/yarn storage room. You make me want to leave work and go home right now and finish up. But you know how that goes.
    I will work tonight for the scheduled 30 minutes and then I should be to my desk and then it will be finished and I will start to enjoy. Keep up the great work and yes I would love to hear about the new ironing area. Thanks for the inspirations. – Mary –

    • Oh Mary, I hear you!! I work full time (albeit from home), and it’s so painful! I sit here at my desk working, and every time I look up I see the projects I want to be working on! ARGH! The good news is that baby steps actually do make progress. Good luck! Keep in touch! ~Angela~

  7. Looking pretty!

    Congratulations on your feature too!

    • Thank you so much!! I was really surprised and touched that I got one. Now if I can just get the rest of it done before the seasons change, I’ll be so happy! ~Angela~

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