Two New Christmas Pillows

Christmas Pillows via Cottage Magpie

Christmas Pillows via Cottage Magpie

One of the things I’ve been meaning to do for years is make some cute Christmas pillows for the bed. I have mostly white bedding (at the moment), plus the red and white duvet set from IKEA that I got when I first got my bed (Craigslist!). So at Christmas I thought it would be cute to have some red and white pillows, kind of a Scandinavian feel.

The first pillow I made was with this cute house fabric I’ve had in my stash for ages. I quilted it in chevrons to match the rooflines, then bound it in natural linen. I used my standard pillow cover tutorial with an envelope closure in back, but with the quilt binding instead of turning the cover inside out. I made it the size to fit the little decorative rectangular pillow that’s usually on the bed (you can see that here or here), and I really think it turned out well.

Christmas Pillows via Cottage Magpie

I was trying to decide on another pillow, and I didn’t have any other red and white fabric that was big enough… or so I thought. I had about given up when my son found this piece of vintage chenille in my fabric cabinet. It was exactly the right size, like it was made for the project. I decided to go simple and just did a simple envelope enclosure again (again with my pillow cover tutorial), but just turned, no trim. I love it.

Christmas Pillows via Cottage Magpie

At first I was thinking I’d use them in different parts of the room, but I liked them so much together that I just piled them all up and enjoyed them.

Christmas Pillows via Cottage Magpie

Christmas Pillows via Cottage Magpie

I’ve got even more pictures of these pillows in my post about my bedroom Christmas decorations.

Did you make anything new this Christmas? Do you like red and white at the holidays?

~Angela :-)

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  1. The pillows are lovely they remind me of a Swedish look.
    Happy New Year.

    • Thank you Denise!! That’s just the look I was going for, so I’m so glad it worked. Whew! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! ~Angela~

  2. Angela,
    These are so pretty. I love the red and white and I agree with Denise you hit the Swedish look for sure. So bright and pretty. I think they could be valentines pillows too!!!!

    • Oooh, Valentine’s Pillows!! I think you’ve got something there, my dear Watson. What a great idea! Thank you! And thanks for stopping by, too. ~Angela~

  3. Aw drats! I was hoping you were going to tell us where you BOUGHT those precious pillows so that I could run out and get me some (like I need any more red around here!) Love love love that one with the white chenille and red. GORGEOUS!

    • Hehehehe! I’m tickled that you like them! Sorry to disappoint you about them not being storebought. BUT, Kelly, I *do* have another scrap of that chenille! Email me your address and I’ll send it to you! 🙂 ~Angela~

  4. Hi Angela!
    Oh….My goodness! You have me smitten with your cheery red and white pillows. I am a huge red lover. Your chenille illow is spectaacular! Each one is eye popping gorgeous.
    I have pieces of chenille that are begging for me to make them up into pillows now that I have seen your wonderful post.
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Blessings and a happy New year!
    Carolynn at “Chenille Cottage”

    • Oh, thank you Carloynn!! I’m touched! It’s funny, though, I actually only really love red sometimes — mostly during the holidays. The rest of the year I only like it in small doses. I need to go through and see how many chunks of that chenille I have, maybe I can give another one away. I will have to check!! Best, ~Angela~

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